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Blog: The Walking Circle: FINISHED

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Way back at the start of the year I came up with a CUNNING PLAN to get some exercise at lunchtime WITHOUT going to the gym - The Walking Circle. This was a photocopied map of the area of London I work in with a big CIRCLE drawn on it centred ON my work, with a radius that was roughly as far as I could walk in 20 minutes. The PLAN was to walk ALL those streets.

Thus, most lunchtimes since then, I have gone stomping off around the streets, alleys, and MANY MANY Mews of London town, and have seen many delightful things, like squares, parks, lots of blue plaques (mostly commemorating architects, for some reason). I've come to LOVE the Post Office Tower, which has LOOMED over buildings smiling at me like an old PAL, and have MARVELLED in the differences between places RAMMED close together, like the cheap cheerfulness of Euston STACKED within a few minutes of the GHASTLINESS of Mayfair. I tell you what, if you ever wonder if money can by you CLASSINESS, just wander down Saville Row to see HORRIBLE people swanning around with CA$H dripping off them in globules, it's disgusting!

Mostly though it's been BRILLIANT, and I've got to know lovely bits of town like Fitzrovia, Covent Garden and especially BLOOMSBURY in a way I never would otherwise, but now it is OVER! For LO! At twenty to two this afternoon, on the corner of New Cavendish Street and Hallam Street (coincidentally right outside The Stag's Head, a REALLY nice pub which i had to FITE myself NOT to go into) I FINISHED. Fittingly the last little bit I did was a MEWS - i LOVE a nice Mews, and London is PACKED with them.

Then on the way back I bumped into Mr Matthew Jones, formerly of The K-Stars, who I'd not seen for AGES. It was lovely!

But anyway, that's that DONE now! It was GRATE fun and I would ENDORSE something similar for everyone - it's dead interesting and gets your out and about doing EXERCISE. The only trouble is I need something ELSE to do now - i might go and see if I can visit Boris Bike Stations i think!

posted 3/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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