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Blog: Amazon Is Ready

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Progress towards Forest Moon Of Enderby being purchasable CONTINUES, as today I sent off a big box of CDs to our distributors, the ever GRATE Proper Distribution. I've said it before and I hope to be saying it for ever more but GOODNESS me, they're DEAD GOOD. Much of my time on the admin side of ROCK through the years has been spent dealing with Distributors who... well, let's be diplomatic here, were not exactly shining examples of professionalism. Little things like never answering phone calls, going suddenly bankrupt, refusing to pay invoices and "losing" hundreds of CDs. That sort of thing was THE NORM, or so I thought until we started dealing with Proper who answer emails, offer advice, do what they say they're going to and actually PAY UP without you having to GO TO THEIR OFFICES AND SHOUT (which i have done for other places). INDEED they do it without really being asked, it's wonderful!

PROOF of the aforesaid wonderfulness can ALREADY be found on Amazon where the album is ready for pre-order. COR! I always find this TERRIBLY exciting, as it's the modern equivalent of going into a big record shop and seeing you've got your own SECTION in the albums bit. I mean, I've never actually DONE that (I would always look at the Prolapse section, ENVIOUSLY), but still, I'm sure this THRILL is pretty similar!

Tomorrow the PROMO COPIES start getting posted out! ZANG!

posted 8/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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Amazon link not working Hibbett!
posted 10/9/2010 by

Oops! Ta, FIXED now!
posted 10/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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