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Blog: Two Of The Beatles Have Died

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You find me this afternoon surrounded by CDs, as I continue with the job of stuffing envelopes, also labelling and putting stamps on them. It's one of the loveliest parts of being your own record label, I always find, as it's a RELAXING bit of repetitive work that usually involves a bit of Listening To Records while you do it, but which also includes a lot of DELIGHTFUL NOSTALGIA. A large proportion of the people I send our CDs to are people I have a) actually met and b) LIKE, so seeing the names as the envelopes get filled always reminds me of GOOD TIMES past and also brings hope of future GOOD TIMES yet to occur. It's GRATE!

But even as a new CD drops into the postal system a PREVIOUS one rears up again for another attempt on the senses - for LO! Two Of The Beatles Have Died is being RE-RELEASED today on the mighty Corporate Records!

This is pleasing to me in MANY WAYS. Mostly I'm pleased that this DELICIOUSLY STRANGE collection of songs is finally going to be available to download, not least because it's benefiting a Good Cause. I'm ALSO quite pleased, however, because it's out on Corporate Records, a MARVELLOUS venture whereby you basically pay whatever you LIKE for downloads, with the CA$H funnelling back to the ARTISTES involved. WELL DONE TEAM!

For those unfamiliar with the compilation, it's a collection of songs put out by Helen Llewelyn Product Nineteen Recordings and Brainlove Records, all inspired by the song in this video. It's VARIED to say the least, with some lovely stuff (especially Keith TOTP's song, not least because [NB This may only be in my MIND] the bass line appears to chart the development of the Beatles, EVOLVING as they did as the song goes along [SEE ABOVE], but also because it always makes me get a bit EMOTIONAL) and some that is RATHER RUM.

It's definitely worth a download - INDEED, it's worth EXACTLY what you think it's worth - and I recommend it to you HIGHLY!

posted 9/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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Thank you so much Mr Hibbett! You've made my morning! Also, i LOVE rum. :)
posted 9/9/2010 by Thomas

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