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Blog: A Fateful Meeting

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I met with Mr S Hewitt this week for a MEETING to discuss THE FUTURE! And also, THE PAST!

Not everyone's future and/or past, obviously, and not even the entirety of ours - to be more precise it was to discuss Lessons Learnt from this year's trip to Edinburgh and how we would apply it in our future dealings.

It was a GRATE meeting, and not just because it ended up with us going for a CURRY (although ANY meeting where that happens is a pretty good meeting in my opinion). MUCH was decided, not least the fact that we WOULD aim to go back to Edinburgh next year, and would probably attempt to a) do the Free Fringe b) for the first two proper weeks. This in itself was quite exciting, but we also sorted out when we'd aim to be ON during the day (a bit later than this year, a bit earlier than the year before), how we would PREPARE, and what we'd do in the INTERIM with regards to more performances of Dinosaur Planet (we're going to do some) and ALSO trying to get a few more short SPOTS at comedy things.

Perhaps most VITAL for the FUTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT we commenced negotiations RE: our TITLE. We both definitely want to do more stuff as the PAIR of us, but if we do that it doesn't really seem right to be billed as MJ HIBBETT, as we were for Edinburgh this year. An early contender for name was "Hibbett & Hewitt" which is a) short b) to the point c) easily verifiable, but now I'm sort of leaning towards "MJ Hibbett (and Steve)". It's the parentheses that make it for me!

On the way out I realised we hadn't spotted Steve Lamacq - on the all previous occasions when we've had our First Meeting About Edinburgh Next Year (incorpoating Lessons Learnt From Last Time) we've spotted Mr Lamacq, and NOT doing so felt like a BAD OMEN. Luckily, as we walked round the corner to get our curries we DID spot him in a nearby pub. PHEW!

And then, as stated, we went for a curry, during which I attempted to explain the plot and THEORY of "Moon Horse" to Steve. I didn't do a very good job of it I must say, but he didn't seem to mind, and got positively ENTHUSED about certain aspects, ESPECIALLY the bit where we launch into a DANCE ROUTINE. That's my favourite bit at the moment too - and if it's even 0.01% as AMAZING as it looks IN MY MIND, then they might as well not bother HAVING any awards ceremonies and send us THE LOT. It's going to be BRILL!

posted 10/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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