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Blog: Podcasting AHOY

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As regular sufferers of my THORTS will be aware, I'm planning to PODCAST the forthcoming run of Totally Acoustic gigs. The general idea is to take the FAVOURITE sort of gigs that I do, with some of my FAVOURITE people, and propel them headlong into the future, challenging preconceptions of what a gig and indeed and audience can be whilst simultaneously bring some incredibly music to a much wider audience.

The fact that it also gives me an excuse to sit in my favourite pub once a fortnight instead of having to spend GALLONS of CA$H go off on tour to promote Forest Moon Of Enderby is simply a delightful side effect, and certainly NOT the main factor which made me decide to do it. It's all about THE INTERWEB.

The main drawback to my cunning plan has been that, apart from regularly listening to Kooba Radio, I'm not terribly familiar with how podcasts actually WORK, so have had to do a bit of research. This has mostly so far involved more learning how to do RSS feeds by HAND (JOY), but has also made me realise that it can take a little while for all the processes to start WORKING and so, rather than launching it with the first actial SHOW I thought it might be a good idea to do a TRAILER, just so's there was something already in place for people to subscribe to, and so forth, before we actually begin.

And LO! I have done that thing! If you'd like to SUBSCRIBE to the show you can do so via I've submitted it to iTunes too, so if you'd rather do it THAT way then that should be available soon ALSO. I've also set up a mixcloud account so that I can do jolly STREAMING widgets like THIS one:

Totally Acoustic Series One: Trailer by Totally Acoustic on Mixcloud

GROOVY, isn't it? I think that's pretty much the LOT, though if anybody has LARGE AMOUNTS more knowledge of this than me (i.e. pretty much anybody, I should think) and have any ideas of what ELSE I should be doing, I would be EXTREMELY grateful to hear it!

posted 14/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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