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Blog: Forest Moon Of Enderby: Making Its Way

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Our THRILLING new album Forest Moon Of Enderby isn't out for about a month yet (unless, of course, you subscribe to the newsletter, in which case you'll be able to order it CHEAP in less than a fortnight - ZANG!) but review copies are very much OUT there, and a couple of MENTIONS are already filtering through.

For starters, Never Going Back To Aldi's is on the 89th Burning World Pod Fodder podcast, while Other Bands' Setlists appears on Beehive Candy. I think there's a couple of other places where we've either HAD or are GOING TO HAVE tracks in podcasts or to download on mp3 blogs - it's all SO TERRIBLY MODERN I can't really keep up with it!

Meanwhile there's an absolutely bloody LOVELY review over on A Layer Of Chips which, I don't mind admitting, MOVED me rather. Thanks Sam!

It's early days yet, of course - I haven't even sent out the Reminder/Gently Hassling Email yet, which is TRADITIONAL a week or two after posting stuff, let alone embarked on a world tour in a room above a pub to promote it, so hopefully there'll be a HEAP more mentions of it. I really DO hope so as I think it's really pretty bloody good and, for a selection of songs recorded over several years with no intent of being listened to together, it all goes together surprisingly well. There's some of my all-time favourite Vlads songs on there too, I'm looking forward to re-learning them for the GIGS!

posted 16/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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