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Blog: The Open Road

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It is a deligthful time in ROCK currently, as i look across the vast open expanses of the rest of the year thinking "PREPARE TO BE CONQUERED."

For LO, the ongoing excitement of NEWNESS continues, as all manner of Future Activities fall into place. For example, there's a whole HEAP of emails that flitted back and forth recently to sort out the Dinosaur Planet TOUR, which is slotting together quite nicely. One GRATE innovation we are trying this time is MATINEES! Yes, MATINEES! We've got TWO of these lined up - we're doing a kids version in Croydon one afternoon before the ADULT version (i.e i will probably use the Discretionary Available Swear Word) in the evening, and we're ALSO doing a Birmingham afternoon show before the Northampton show the same night. My main worry about this was that it'd do my VOICE in, but then with Steve on board I'm only actually singing HALF a show, right? I'm sure it'll be FINE.

In the meantime progress progresses progressively on the Totally Acoustic PODCASTS. Most of this has involved DESPERATELY THRILLING action by myself writing the automatic RSS feed doohickey, which means it's going to be fully available via iTunes. This means it will ALSO be fully available for the iTunes CHART! AHA! I have no idea about how it works or anything, but the slim possibility of being IN a chart always fills me with JOY. MAN ALIVE, when we got up into QUADRUPLE FIGURES in the Amazon Chart for the last album I was skipping about with GLEE for DAYS!

And talking of albums, there's also the impending release of Forest Moon Of Enderby in a few weeks too. I've just ordered some more JIFFY BAGS for if people want to BUY them, and sent out some more PROMO COPIES in the hope that someone'll MENTION them also. I am GOOGLING on a daily basis too - there's nothing unusual, of course, in me doing that, except that this time I can claim it is part of my Responsibilties As An Independent Record Label, and not just VANITY GONE MAD.

Most exciting of ALL though is the NEWEST of the NEW that is MOON HORSE (which may be being called "Moon Horse And The Mars Men Of Jupiter" to make it sound less like something you'd see in an airbrushed poster advertising a webpage selling tantric beads). I'm now onto page 23 of the script and am RACING along. That may not sound like much, but Dinosaur Planet in it's ENTIRETY is only 24 pages long, and I've not even written the words to some of the SONGS yet.

Actually, that's a bit ALARMING - there may be some PRUNING ahead!

But that is all to worry about in the future, for now I am winding down the window, putting the sunshield thing down, putting it back up again because they're just annoying, working out where my first service station stop is going to be (hopefully one with M&S Simply Food in it), and then it's HO! For the Open Road of ROCK!

posted 20/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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