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Blog: Sick Note / Postcard

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Sorry for the long Information Blockage - i hope not TOO many people called the POLICE in a blind panic - but last week saw a couple of EVENTS which kept me from my keyboard.

The first was the least DELIGHTFUL of the two, as on Tuesday morning I woke to find i had got The Old Problem. The Old Problem, as anyone who's read/heard me BANGING ON about it at LENGTH over the years is basically when i get an INFECTION in my "lower back" due to having psoriasis. It is a bloody nuisance and no mistake, and tends to involve me having to go and get into bed for two days until it goes away. I thus spent Tuesday and Wednesday doing just that.

It was ANNOYING as i had arranged to go to the PUB with PALS on both nights and was REALLY looking forward to it, having not been to the pub solely for the purpose of LARFS for - it feels like - DECADES. Still, it did give me some time for a good old RUMINATE, and I had a right proper THINK about "Moon Horse". When I tried to explain the plot to Mr S Hewitt a while ago i realised it was all a bit complicated, largely due to a HUGE amount of nipping backwards and forwards in time via FLASHBACKS. From my SICK BED i realised I could just tell the story almost STRAIGHT, and that that could be done fairly simply. I rewarded myself with a SNOOZE!

I also FINALLY had a Critical Listen to the mixes for "Dinosaur Planet: THE ALBUM". Mr T "The Tiger" McClure is heading back in soon to make some adjustments, and had asked us all to have a proper listen and give detailed NOTES for each song, entered into a SPREADSHEET. I'd been feeling bad about NOT doing so as it always niggles me when OTHER people don't do what I'M asking them to, so did LOADS of notes. Lucky lucky Tom!

And I also also watched LOADS of episdoes of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". MAN ALIVE but that is a good show - I'm now onto Season 2 but CRIKEY it was GRATE right from the very start!

Anyway, that was my Time Of Illness, made WORSE by worrying about the possibility of missing the SECOND, SIGNIFICANTLY more DELIGHTFUL event: Our Trip To York. My parents had given myself and The Rooms In My Hotel a joint birthday present of two nights staying in a MEGA POSH hotel in York and we'd booked it, along with train tickets, for Thursday and Friday night last week - the anniversary of the BIRTH of the aforesaid Dates In MY Calender! Imagine my relief on Thursday morning when I found that, though not entirely healed, I was well enough to - BRAVELY - set off for our MINI-HOLIDAY. It was a LOT of relief!

And what a FANTASTIC mini-holiday it was! EVERYTHING went according to plan - the trains were fab, the hotel was GORGEOUS (and LITERALLY five seconds - i timed it! - from the station!) and York itself was BLOODY WONDERFUL. We did the Open Top Bus Tour - TWICE - walked around the walls, saw our friends Claire and Stu, looked at some ART, spent a FANTASTIC morning in the National Rail Museum (GRATE - tho they could do with making nicer cups of tea!) and went out to a restaurant in the old Assembly Rooms that looked INCREDIBLE. York really is a lovely city and everybody THERE was BRILLIANT - one time we were a bit lost and a man came running over to help us, another time The Streets In My Shambles said "Where's the Shambles then?" and a lady stood next to us GRINNED and said "Over there!" It was like having VOICE ACTIVATED SATNAV at all times!

So THAT is why I have been away from the blog - I've been being poorly and then having a BRILLIANT time in York. Given a choice I would have avoided the former and gone solely for the latter, but it all worked out pretty well in the end i think. And now: back to work - the work of ROCK!

posted 27/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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