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Blog: Getting ready for Totally Acoustic

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As discussed when last we spoke, the work of ROCK continues. Yesterday I sent out the traditional Follow-Up Email to some of the people I'd sent promo copies of Forest Moon Of Enderby to, which is always a DELIGHT to do as you usually get a couple of people replying saying "YOINKS! Yes, I did get that!" and, hopefully, saying they liked it. This INDEED occurred today, which was absolutely lovely - the whole thing with this album has moved so slowly that I sometimes forget it's going to actually be OUT in a few weeks!

Tied in with THAT has been preparations for the new season of Totally Acoustic, which starts in just under a fortnight (in fact on Monday October 11th, with Gavin Osborn and Dr Neil Brown!). I've already got a stock of TAPES and CARDS to tape it on and have spent many happy hours these past couple of days updating the website to make it all a bit clearer and also to include capacity for podcasts. If you go and look at it now you'll see it looks SLIGHTLY different (I've mostly moved some of the information to different places), but hopefully it'll all begin to be look MUCH more organised once we've got some PODCASTS up there.

I've put all the details about SUBSCRIBING to the podcasts over on the new Totally Acoustic Podcasts page, so do sign up if you're interested. Looking through the list of GUESTS that we've got coming up, I think it's all going to be RATHER WONDERFUL!

posted 28/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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