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It's the last working day of the month, which means it's surely time for our newsletter, The Last Working Day Of The Month to wing its way out to a waiting world.

It's ALWAYS an exciting day, Newsletter Day, but today is an ESPECIALLY thrilling one as it heralds the Early Bird release of our new album, Forest Moon Of Enderby. Ever since we've had the newsletter going we've always had one of these early bird offers when we release new stuff, so that newsletter subscribers can get things FIRST and usually EITHER extra bits and bobs attached OR at a knock down price. In these times of AUSTERITY I thought the LATTER would be the best thing this time around, so if you're on the newsletter list LEAP IN, you've got two and a bit weeks to get it CHEAP!

I love this bit - FINALLY the CD is available for people to actually BUY. I'm really pleased with how this one's turned out, especially with having the full band songs seperate, and UNLEASHING the various bits of rumness on Hibbett's Superstore on an unknowing universe. I think it's GRATE, and I'm looking forward NERVOUSLY to finding out what everyone else thinks!

If you're NOT on the mailing list (and honest, it's PEASY to sign up to) then you won't have long to wait until you too can join in the Purchase Joy. It's going to be in the SHOPS (well, the online ones anyway) from October 18th, and the main album will be available from download places then too.

I'm all excited about it I must confess - i know the main album's a collection of b-sides (and am EXTREMELY AWARE of how ludicrous it is for a band like US to be releasing RARITIES!) but there's some of my favourite songs of ours on it. As I say, i think it's GRATE, I just hope other people think so too!

posted 30/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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