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Blog: Farewell To Sonic

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We had a rather emotional time of it over the weekend, as our cat Sonic passed away on Friday morning. She was over 18 years old, which in Cat Years makes her a very distinguished old lady, and that is certainly how she behaved - we knew she wouldn't be with us for very much longer when, a few weeks ago, having been getting around the house and back garden fine for ages despite being blind and almost totally deaf, she decided it was time to move into the front room. Her ensuite was moved nearby, most meals were served there too, and though she still came out to say hello when we arrived home it was all a long long way from when I first knew her.

When I moved into the house she refused almost all human contact, would be away for days on end and then return battle scarred and hungry, and FLEW up the sheer face of fences many times her own height. Over the weekend we've been reminiscing about her various ESCAPADES and the different phases of her life - like the ERA when she would come and fetch each of us from the end of the road and TALK at us (i know i sound like a typical CRAZY PERSON WITH A CAT but as long as you restricted your conversation to "MEP!" you could have a proper chat with her all the way to the front door) or the day she came home with one tooth suddenly OUTSIDE the rest of her face, or the time she sat on The Boughs Of My Tree's LAP one Christmas Festival or... well, you get the picture, she was a MASSIVE part of our lives and we're going to miss her IMMENSELY.

If you're going to have to die I think the way Sonic did it is pretty much the best - suddenly keeling over in the hallway, spending a last minute with someone who loves you TELLING you so, and then nipping off. She also had impeccable timing, giving us Friday to grieve before a funeral service on Saturday morning. Myself and The Landlady dug the grave out in the back garden and GOODNESS ME but it isn't as easy as it looks in films - the previous owner of the house was apparently a NUTTER who kept digging holes and burying things, and we found several huge chunks of concrete (which i kept thinking "ARGH! It's a SKULL!") that we think was about 80% of a massive Victorian fireplace down there. It was more Time Team than Antiques Roadshow, however, and I don't think it'll be being restored.

When that was done i built THE COFFIN - my Grandad Bertie was a carpenter who worked at an undertaker's, and I thought he might have been quite pleased with the job I did, even though this one was rather smaller and less ornate than his handiwork, also made of cardboard. We put Sonic in alongside the ashes of our other two cats (NB it wasn't an EGYPTIAN thing, they died a couple of years ago!) - not too close, as they didn't get on very well in life, but also close enough to keep each other company.

Again, I know it all sounds a bit CAT PERSON-Y, but it was also all done with LARFS. As we giggled about dropping them all it felt very appropriate to be a bit jolly amongst the sadness, as by HECK the three of them had given us an ABUNDANCE of LARFS during their lifetimes.

We filled in the hole and then covered it back over with grass, then spent the rest of the weekend looking out with PRIDE at the good job we'd done for them, as we continued to reminisce about their various adventures and EXPLOITS. I don't want to get in a REPLACEMENT - no kittens for Christmas thanks! - but my goodness gracious me, we're going to miss her. She was bloody GRATE

posted 1/11/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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