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As mentioned in this month's newsletter, plans are already in place for this year's Christmas Song, The 29th Day Of December. These include a SCHEME to get Newsletter Subscribers to be a CHOIR singing along, and also growing ideas for a VIDEO.

These ideas have their original source in the INTENSE JEALOUSY i felt when we went round to visit some FAMILY and I saw that my nephew had got himself a stop motion animation program. His GLEE as he demonstrated his short film (rather brilliantly featuring lego figures BLOWING EACH OTHER UP) was matched only by my INTENTION to go out and get MYSELF some of this good stuff!

I am thus now the proud owner of my OWN stop motion animation program and, even more excitingly, a MASSIVE LIGHT. Every time I do a video I think "How can I make this better?" Clearly the usual answer is "MORE OF ME", but there have been other TECHNICAL improvements to be made - the purchase of a TRIPOD is perhaps the biggest of these so far, but I've also often wondered about LIGHTING. Things like the RER On Bandcamp video would have been a LOT easier to do if I'd had some proper lighting, rather than relying on the 100W bulb in my office and an open window.

With this in mind i finally done got myself a MASSIVE HALOGEN LAMP. It's 500W of LIGHT, and BRILLIANT! Sometime in the next couple of weeks I'm planning to use it to make a combined stop-motion/ HIBBETT ACTION (see point 1 of the 'better videos' PLAN) EXTRAVANZA of Christmassy JOY that'll be released in December on our bandcamp page along with all our OTHER Christmas songs and maybe one or two EXTRAS. The plan is to have an EVER EXPANDING Christmas Album that will be added to each year, yay verily, like the accumulation of weird decorations got out of tissue paper for putting on the Christmas Tree.

That is, providing i don't BURN DOWN LEYTONSTONE with my MASSIVE LAMP. If you see smoke rising from E11, call the Fire Brigade for me, won't you?

posted 2/11/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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