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Blog: Podcast is GO!

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Last night i went to the pub with my old pal Mr C Lawson, and a large part of the evening was spent discussing how ROCK could be used as an effective model for good practice in MANAGEMENT. Being in, and running, a band is MUCH like being part of an BUSINESS - you have to work as a team, maintain proper communications across sites, manage an online presence, deal quickly with personel issues AND SO FORTH - the main difference being that usually, and especially in the kind of MILLIEU i operate in, you can't use CA$H as a reward or punishment. "I should write that as a BOOK!" I said. "It is a skillset RIPE for transferring!"

And when I look back at my DECADES in ROCK, as I occasionally pause to do, it often strikes me how MANY transferrable skills I have gained in the process. If you want someone to set up equipment for a presentation, deal with printers, edit a film, or organise an event, for example, then i am your man, ALL learnt through doing gigs and that. This is no simple BOAST (well, it's not JUST that), as pretty much ANYONE who's done this for any length of time will have a similar list of Practical Skills that they've got by accident, when all they were trying to do was get drunk and show off.

The LATEST of these appears to be AUDIO EDITING, for LO! I've spent a great chunk of the past couple of days putting the podcast together, selecting WHICH songs to use and then gently editing it all together, so that it APPEARS (i hope) to be three seamless performances. I'm always AMAZED when i do this by the fact that APPLAUSE blends together SO easily - you can take a bunch of clapping and pretty much fade it into ANY other clapping without anyone being able to hear the join, it's STRANGE but delightful. I tried doing the same with LARFS this time, but it didn't work so well - I wonder why that is?

Anyway, after HOURS of gently nudging vocals and, ESPECIALLY, hacking great slabs of WAFFLE from my between song "banter" the podcast is finally ready for public consumption and, I must say, sounding rather FINE. I've made it a bit shorter than the last one, as I forced myself to CHOOSE between certain songs, reassuring myself that the GRATE stuff i DIDN'T use can come back for the end of series compilations that I'm planning, and thus it's a very brisk 40 minutes of chat and some ACE tunes. Apart from me doing ANCIENT songs there's some FANTASTIC new material from Frankie and Jimmy, which I hope MANY people will enjoy.

It's all over on the Totally Acoustic site now for your listening pleasure, and don't forget you can also subscribe to it via iTunes. I subscribed to test it, and got TERRIBLY excited this morning when it automatically downloaded. Living in the future is GRATE!

posted 11/11/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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