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Blog: My Trumpet, Blown

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Very very occasionally - rarely much more than once or twice a day, and ONLY for Market Research purposes, of course - i have been known to GOOGLE myself. I've been doing this slightly more regularly than usual just lately to see if any reviews of Forest Moon Of Enderby have come through, and LO! one has, over on the All Music Guide, courtesy of the ever delightful Mr N Raggett.

I was very pleased to see him highlight The Other Rush Hour, as that's MY favourite, and also to see the large number of band-related songs mentioned, as it's something i have thought about quite a bit, since putting all the tracks together. The REASON there's QUITE that many songs about Band Stuff on the album is that I've always tried to stop us from having TOO many of them on the actual albums, for fear of being compared to Half Man Half Biscuit and found WANTING. It DOES get a bit much having, at my count, five songs on the album about that sort of thing, but hopefully the huge pile of NON-Band songs on Hibbett's Superstore make up for it. Maybe,

Also discovered during the frenzied googling is this really rather moving discussion on A Fog Of Ideas all about... well, ME. It was a lovely thing to read and there were all sorts of bits where I thought "Oh good, I'm glad that came across", and especially having Tell Me Something You Do Like being a CATALYST. MOST gratifying, perhaps, is the very idea that my involvement with Cha Cha 2000 was the thing that made someone reconsider their earlier assessment of my OUVRE - as I have doubtless told THE ENTIRE WORLD about a MILLION TIMES, that was all very exciting then disappointing, at the time, so it's lovely that DELIGHTFULNESS should come from it.

But actually my FAVOURITE bit is the idea that someone singing openly and frankly OPTIMISTIC songs in a ROCK environment is INFINITELY more challenging than a bunch of dour sods feeding back at grumpily high volumes and claiming to be "experimental". TOO BLOODY RIGHT!

So yes, perhaps unsurprisingly, I heartily agreed with almost all of an article saying i am DEAD GOOD. I do, however, disagree with one particular aspect - there's nothing wrong with a bit of Richard Digance now and again!

posted 18/11/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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posted 20/11/2010 by MJ Hibbett

Fog of Ideas link is actually to trust hibbett to accidentally break the most important link that the article was all about
posted 20/11/2010 by steve

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