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Blog: Another Action and ROCK packed weekend

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After work on Friday I headed once more to Islington, there to meet Mr J Kell for another meeting about the Dinosaur Planet screenplay what we are writing. This time it was a PLANNING EXERCISE to work out what to do now we have got a BLOODY GRATE draft worked out, and we came up with several SCHEMES to move us forward - though if anybody out there has any HOT HINTS about what we could DO with our script (NOT THAT SORT OF THING) do let me know. We thirst for knowledge!

After brief, EXCITING, discussion of our NEXT project (It involves MOON HORSE!) we then adjourned to The Lexington - the pub we were in had obviously decided there were TOO MANY people having TOO MUCH of a nice time, so dropped down a HUGE screen and started showing rugby, causing a MASS EXODUS. Well done, The Pub!

After further chat at said Lexington I went upstairs to see Keith Top Of The Pops And His Minor UK Indie Celebrity Allstar Backing Band. They were MAGNIFICENT - about FIFTEEN people all on stage, sounding GRATE. The sound engineer did a MARVELLOUS job, so that it sounded HUGE and EXCITING rather than A Bit Confusing (as it could EASILY have done, especially as it involved a BRASS section). I've said it before and will doubtless say it again, but the thing with Keith TOTP's stuff is that it is ALMOST hidden behind the gimmick. "A band made up of various scene types from London bands, playing songs some of them have never heard before? That sounds like THE WORST THING EVER!" you might be moved to say. You would be well within your rights to think so, but it WORKS because the SONGS he's written are so brilliant. If there WAS no gimmick this would be even clearer to see, but then again the gimmick is SO much fun it would be a shame not to. It was like watching a huge celebratory JAM at the end of a massive charity gig, except REALLY GOOD, and when they did "Two Of The Beatles Are Dead", with added "Hey Jude" over the end it would have been a COLD HEART INDEED who could have failed to GRIN like a LOON.

Saturday found me at the MIXING DESK, working on The 29th Day Of December. The deadline for vocals had passed so I set to work mixing it all together. It was a LOT of work - i see now why CHOIRS tend to be recorded EN MASSE rather than one by one, it's HARD to get it right. ALSO hard to get right was my lead vocal, and it took a LOT of coaching by The Melody Of My Tune to get it JUST right. The mix went off to The Vlads for comments and then was duly adjusted/tidied up, and on Sunday I spent some time FINESSING the actual video. I reckon it's all pretty much DONE the difficult thing now is to hold back on SHOWING OFF about it, it's GRATE!

Before I'd got THAT done, however, I went out YET AGAIN - yes, that's right, i went out three nights in a ROW! - to meet The Hodgkisses for a BEER and then a trip to How Does It Feel To Be Loved? I have to report that i did NOT shake my funky THANG at this point, largely because the effort of THREE nights out was all a bit much, and I needed to get HOME and to my BED, but a LOVELY night out was had. It's quite an exciting rarity for me to just GO OUT on a Saturday night, not having any business of ROCk to attend to, and it was a HECKLOAD of fun!

And then it was back to WORK - doing the various EDITING mentioned above and ALSO having a practice for Totally Acoustic tomorrow night. Is it me, or do I seem to have a LOT of different stuff on the go at the moment?

posted 22/11/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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