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Blog: A Farewell To Tom

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On Monday I asked on these very pages whether I should just pack in Myspace and was THRILLED to find these THORTS garnering more comments than anything I'd ever THORT before.

And ALL of them were basically saying "Yes, it's rubbish". INTERESTINGLY I learn from the comment of Mr T Eveleigh that things are even worse than I thought, in that the GIGS bit where you could list the GIGS you and/or your band would be putting on (you know, one of the main plus points OF Myspace) is now NOT THERE ANYMORE! Amazingly, in their idiotic rush to try and be a crapper version of every other social networking site, RAMMED together, they have changed one of their ONLY SELLING POINTS so that now you have to create an "event" for each gig and then invite people. WELL DONE TOM.

I DID get one comment over on the Myspace version of this blog, from Mr A Fisher, who said it took him AGES just to type in a comment saying it was crap. I only know this because I perservered for five minutes trying to GET to the comment as Myspace had logged me out, then refused to work, and then I had to navigate through a vast field of EXPANDING ADVERTS which COVERED UP WHAT I WAS TRYING TO GET TO. Honestly, sometimes trying to use Myspace is like playing OPERATION, delicately trying not to IGNITE RHIANNA or something when you're just trying to read an email.

So I think that's going to be pretty much IT for Myspace. I'm not going to delete the site or anything, but I AM going to stop updating it with these blogs and will ATTEMPT to put some kind of auto-redirect on, in the unlikely event that anyone DOES ever send me a message again that ISN'T "We are a h0t neww rapp act, chek uz out!". I think I'll keep the songs there too, so that in the distant future when the whole thing has fallen to dust Web Archeologists, fresh from the Geocities Excavations, can go back and see what the web was like in the distant days of last year.

Farewell then, Tom from Myspace - it was fun while it lasted!

posted 30/11/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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For a brief but terrible moment I thought this post was going to be about the Tiger leaving the Validators.
posted 30/11/2010 by Pete Green

if anyone was going to be our Robbie/Geri breakout solo star it's the TIGER!
posted 1/12/2010 by Frankie

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