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Blog: Back In The Jug Agane

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Like many people I am today filled with a joy almost too much to bear, as I find myself back at work. Big whoops. Hoopla. Zang.

Yes yes, I know that in The Current Economic Climate I should curb The Sarcasm and be grateful for HAVING a job, but still - I do wish REALITY would hurry up and catch up with MY MIND so that I don't HAVE to come to work all the time and can instead frolic around my home studio joyfully emitting rock operas to a Universe that sees fit to give me huge piles of CA$H just to do so. Is this too much to ask? I am currently blaming the failure for this to happen on THE VAT HIKE but reserve the right to start blaming Boris Johnson, The Younger Generation, Cyclists Who Go Through Red Lights or anybody else without further notice.

STILL, the lack of CA$H for doing so will, as it never has, be holding neither myself nor my colleagues as we set off on this year's hearty feast of ADVENTURE. I've just been working out my THINGS TO DO CHART for the next three months (yes, i have a Things To Do Chart for the next three months, what of it?) and I note with interest that there's a whole heap of STUFF to be doing. I'm halfway through finishing the Season Finale for the first series of Totally Acoustic, for instance - this should be online by Thursday, and then we start all over again in March!

Dinosaur Planet, meanwhile, enters its final furlong, with a string of gigs coming up culminating in a WEST END RUN (first night at The Old Coffee House on 8th February... also the final show) and then The Leicester Comedy Festival. If you've not seen myself and Mr Hewitt perform the paragon of modern theatre then i would URGE you to do so, for we shall not be doing it AGANE - possibly EVER, but definitely not for a good few years!

For LO! the CONCEPT ALBUM version of said PIECE will be out later this year and, as I may have mentioned, it is going to be PRETTY DARN AMAZING. It is taking all my INNER STRENGTH to NOT put up samples of it for you to listen to (well, apart from what you can hear in that YouTube clip from the other day) because i KNOW it's going to be better if everyone hears it all in one go. I'm ALWAYS excited about our next release, but this one I am EXTRA excited about - there really is nothing out there anything LIKE this THING we have created, and if the NHS isn't already investing in BLOWN MIND REPAIR KITS then something is terribly wrong with our society.

And talking of MIND BLOWING there is, of course, "Moon Horse" which has recently CANTERED to completion (or at least a first draft of same) and which I hope to discuss, along with a couple of OTHER projects which i shall keep beneath my HAT* at the moment, with Messrs Hewitt and Kell when I meet them this evening for a pre-gig PINT and CURRY. We're off to see Standard Fare et al at The Lexington, it has all the makings of an EXCELLENT evening!

So yes, even though today is THAT day, there are at least fizzing sparks of fireworks yet to come in the... er... biscuit tin of the future. That makes sense, doesn't it? Now, where's my box of safety matches?

* the hat i shall be keeping them beneath is one that I made MYSELF over the weekend out of a kitchen funnel, superglue, and a length of elastic. Once this hat is painted SILVER it shall be the finest CHAPEAU ever created!

posted 4/1/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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OTHER projects???? haven't we got enough to be getting on with?!?!
posted 4/1/2011 by Steve

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