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Blog: Season Finale

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The final episode of this series of Totally Acoustic is online NOW, and by golly it's a bit of a corker!

Every time we did a show i SAVED a song from each ARTISTE to use in the final episode, which has thus turned into something of an all-star compilation of EXCLUSIVE TRACKS from (deep breath) Gavin Osborne, Dr Neil Brown, Winston Echo, Pete Green, Frankie Machine, Jimmy McGee, Jenny Lockyer, Fakebit Polytechnic, Helen Arney, Tim Eveleigh, Andy Pocketbooks, Chris T-T and ME. It sounds BRILLIANT!

One of the nicest things, among MANY nice things, about doing this series of shows is the way that different people have been introduced to a) each other b) each other's audiences. Maybe not to a Glastonbury Festival/Jools Holland kind of SCALE, but at every show I saw SOMEONE full of glee at hearing one of our acts for the first time, and I'm hoping that sticking everyone together like this will lead to a bit more of that. If anyone out there can publicise it in anyway (e.g. TWIT it or something - the shortened linke is I'd be EXCEEDINGLY grateful as I think there's some ACE people on this who not only DESERVE a larger audience but would SERVE that audience well by DELIGHTING them.

I'm not sure the DELIGHT will be particularly increased by my DJ SKILLZ, however, which occure throughout, but I must say I rather enjoyed doing it! In fact I've enjoyed the whole thing - i was a bit worried about whether it would all WORK or not before we started but it all seems to have gone pretty darn well, and I'm already looking forward to the next series. Have a look at the line-up, looks COOL doesn't it?

There's a while to go before then tho, and in the meantime I hope you can find time to have a listen to this special finale, I'm really rather proud of it!

posted 6/1/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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I'm really glad to have been part of it, Mark - thanks again for doing the whole thing!
posted 6/1/2011 by Pete Green

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