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Blog: All About The Artwork

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An exciting day for lovers of Dinosaur Planet Artwork (which would be ME) yesterday. On the way into work I popped into a local copy shop to order a MOUND of posters for our show at the Leicester Comedy Festival - as usual we've got a group of students do the Theatre Admin for the show as part of their course, and they'd asked for some posters and flyers to use. In a fit of excitement I got 50 ORANGE A3 posters, 50 GREEN A4 posters and 100 FLYERS done too. I picked them up on the way home and they look GRATE - I'd been a little worried about doing black and white ones, rather than FULL COLOUR as is usual for Edinburgh, but these look FAB. I kept one for myself - goodness knows i have ENOUGH unused posters stuck behind shelves/in drawers, but it just looked so NICE!

When i got home I found an EMAIL about the NEXT stage of Dinosaur Planet. As you may know (due to me BANGING ON ABOUT IT) we're now in the (hopefully) final stages of production of the ALBUM, and so mine thoughts have been drifting to the artwork we'll need. We've previously done the design OURSELVES, usually either me or, more recently, Mr T Pattison being responsible, but this time I really wanted to get a PAINTED cover, or something much like it, in line with the general Concept Album VIBE which it is all giving off... probably due to the fact that it IS a Concept Album.

I thought about it long and hard and eventually approached one of my FAVOURITE artists EVER - in fact, if you went by how many items of CLOTHING i own featuring his drawings, he would be THE favourite! I was a bit worried about it - what if he said NO outright, or demanded a KRAZY price? Would i be able to enjoy his STUFF in the same way again? Or would it all suddenly be AWFUL?

Happily i need not have worried, for LO! he said YES! HOORAH! I'll not get into the details of who it is or what's happening just yet, suffice to say for now i am VERY HAPPY INDEED about it and can't wait to a) see what he comes up with b) show it off. I didn't think this album could GET any more POTENTIALLY EXCITING, but my goodness me, it HAS!

posted 21/1/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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