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Blog: The Autumn Store All-Dayer

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I met Mr S Hewitt on Saturday at the very civilised time of 2pm in the very civilised place The Euston Tap, the DELIGHTFUL craft beer pub just outside Euston Station. St Pancras may indeed by The Destination Station, but Euston has the EDGE on it as far as lovely pubs go - i mean the pub AT St Pancras is quite nice compared to MOST major London railway station pubs, but the Euston Tap has roughly A MILLION beers on tap, so is hard to beat!

Having done our bit for THE CAUSE OF REAL BEER we hopped on to a horrible, badly designed (etc etc) Virgin Train (the first for AGES where i DIDN'T surprise someone mid-wee when visiting the appalling toilets) and were very soon in BIRMINGHAM, where we were booked to do a mid-afternoon showing of Dinosaur Planet for the Autumn Store's fifth birthday party. DUNC, Autumn Store IMPRESSARIO rang me to ask when we'd be arriving "In about 5 seconds" i said, walking up the stairs of The Victoria. It's a GRATE pub, in fact it's also the SAME pub that we were in at the end of last year when we ALSO did Dinosaur Planet, and it was good to be back.

We dumped our stuff and wandered off to spend most of the rest of the day enjoying the mini-Indietracks that lay before us. It was ACE - the building was PACKED with lovely people I'd not seen for a while, and there was MUCH CHAT. Any area NOT full of lovely people was packed out with EITHER Delicious Beer OR Fantastic Flapjack, laid on especially. MAN ALIVE but it was nice!

The first Musical Turn of the day for us was Vom Vorton, that marvellous gentleman formerly of Lardpony, and with whom I am currently collaborating on a tune for the Geekpop Virtual Festival, at which we shall both be playing. He was GRATE, of course, and I especially enjoyed hearing a few of the old Lardpony Tunes that i like so much, wheeled out into the live arena again.

Next it was me and Steve - I was a bit worried about how it was going to work, as once again we were playing without Microphones. This is FINE when everybody's there on purpose to see US, and they're mentally and physically prepared i.e. SITTING DOWN, but i wasn't sure how this'd work with people who hadn't necessarily come for us. Thankfully it DID seem to work, not only did people stick around but there was MORE of them at the end than at the start! As usual with a more GIG-type audience, people took a bit longer to start LARFING (GIG people tend to be a bit WARY of whether it's OK to laugh or not, whereas as COMEDY people would, as the delightful old saying has it, laugh if there arse was on fire) but by the time Mrs G Podd came on to be our Special Guest i think we'd persuaded them that it was all right.

Most importantly, WE enjoyed ourselves! We then fell into a thoroughly fun afternoon of more beer, a bit more flapjack, a LOT more larking around and talking nonsense, before heading upstairs for the ever groovy Pocketbooks, who were Playing Some New Material. It seems that, against all Indie Guidelines, it ISN'T going to take them five years to record their new album - ALERT THE AUTHORITIES!

It was a brilliant day all round, topped off with the FRACAS i mentioned yesterday! I seem to be in the middle of a bit of a run of All-Dayers at the moment, it's turning out rather well!

posted 25/1/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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I second that motion. Thanks to all involved for tunes, cake and badges. (and thanks to my briefly upsetting the Ladyfriend on the train, I now have two badges. WIN.)
posted 25/1/2011 by mrakusssss

Thanks for the kind words! And also damn - I forgot to try the flapjack! Really enjoyed my first Dinosaur Planet, though - looking forward to the second!
posted 25/1/2011 by V. Vorton

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