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Blog: Learn To Play (The Ukelele) The Hibbett Way!

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Every so often someone asks me how to learn the ukelele - clearly they think "That looks like someone who has JUST started to play the instrument - and I usually point them in the direction of some of the many many Easy Ukelele Song Sites on line. Occasionally, however, i think "If only they had one of the hand-made copies of A Million Ukeleles, which came with MY brief instructions on How To Play Ukelele, as well as CHORDS for most of the songs!

Today on twitter someone asked this question and I thought "Hang on, i've GOT that as a PDF, so why don't I just stick it online?" So i HAVE, and it is here on the album's webpage to download. Nearly all the songs are VERY easily playable on a uke, and all of them are FAIRLY easy anyway, so (as long as you don't mind playing MY songs) it could be quite a handy introduction to how to play it, CHORD-WISE at least. If you want complicated fiddly bits, I refer you to The Bobby McGees!

posted 26/1/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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