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Blog: A Day Of Coincidences

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Little did I know, I was YEARNED pathetically at a TWEET yesterday that it would be the beginning of a STRANGE day of COINCIDENCE.

The tweet in question was twitted by Mr Robin Ince, asking Gosh Comics the following question: "I'm putting on a big comic inspired show & thought you'd know, who are your tip top musician customers that might be interested".

Hmm... who, i wonder, shops at Gosh regularly, is a musician, and would be interested in playing a show inspired by comics? WHO? Who might actually have, i don't know, maybe written a song ABOUT going to Gosh and buying some comics? WHO MIGHT THAT BE?!?

So i sat ALL MORNING, GLARING at Twitter, thinking "Come on Gosh! REPLY! With MY NAME!" All day I GLARED at twitter, until suddenly in the late afternoon TWITS started coming through saying I was being played on Steve Lamacq! ZOINKS! Annoyingly the BBC iPlayer thing hadn't been working all afternoon, so couldn't tune in and instead had to gradually GLEAN information. I was very surprised to find he was playing The Fight For History - had she DIED or something? Gradually it turned out that someone had CHOSEN the song - in fact, the same person who wrote this rather lovely and thoughtful article about it. AHA! That makes sense - she was doing the Music Profiler feature on the show, where a caller lists certain songs they like and someone tried to work out their personality based ONLY on the songs.

And who DOES the Music Profiler feature? Why, it was Robin Ince! SPOOOKY eh?

Rather brilliantly he seemed PLEASED to here my song (i listened again this morning - just to check, you understand) and recommended Mr G Osborne as someone ELSE the listener might like. I could not agree more!

It was all jolly exciting, but also a bit SPOOKY. What are the chances of Robin Ince LOOMING across my world like that TWICE in the same day? I headed off to The Betsy Trotwood to see John Otway, MUSING on this, only to see Tjinder from Cornershop AGANE, this time sat outside the pub. I managed NOT to fall over this time, but still, it was RUM!

NOT so RUM was what happened for the rest of the evening, as The Slides In My Powerpoint Presentation joined me to see Otway deliver The Otway Lecturer, all about his... well, his Exciting Life In ROCK, really. It was BRILLIANT - most of the stories we knew anyway, but he told them in such a lovely, funny, touching and INSPIRING way we just sat and LARFED and CHEERED and shared the memories of some of the EXPLOITS that we in the audience had also been a tiny part in. He was FANTASTIC - i hope he decided to go off and TOUR The Lecturer or something, EVERYONE should see it!

posted 2/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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If, like me, you can't be bothered to listen to the whole show you can listen to the MJ Hibbett bit here: at 1:45:30.
posted 2/2/2011 by Tim Eveleigh

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