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Blog: A Weekend Of Pals

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After so much GLITZ and GLAMOUR last week it was time for The Spangles On My Bangles and I to switch to another, actually yet more DELIGHTFUL form of outing this weekend as we went to see some PALS. On Friday night we headed to The Midlands (on the horrible, badly designed etc etc etc YOU KNOW THE DRILL BY NOW Virgin Train) to see our friends The Bates's, for a lovely couple of days that featured a trip to THE BEER MUSEUM.

To be honest I think I'd got myself a bit confused with BREWERY TRIPS and was picturing a RIGHT OLD PISS-UP, tho how I thought this was going to happen with four adults in a car with two small children i do not know. In fact we had a bit of an old wander round that most marvellous of amenities, A Museum Of One Things, where i ALMOST got my head around How Beer Is Made. I think it's SORT OF like making a cup of tea. Sort of. It was a GRATE museum, surprisingly let down by the thing you'd think would be its main strength: THE BAR. They had a LOT of beer on tap but very very very poor, MARDY, bar staff who took AGES to do ANYTHING. As we left there was a COACH LOAD of daytrippers who were queuing up to get their Free Samples. They're probably still there now.

My FAVOURITE bit, however, was The Edwardian Bar where they had a selection of old fashioned Bar Games which reminded me of having tea around my Nan and Grandad's house - they even had a wooden Solitaire Board with MARBLES on it, which i STILL have never managed to crack. IS Solitaire do-able? I am tempted to GOOGLE it, but fear that that may spoil the MAGIC.

On Sunday we split our forces and I headed off to Peterborough to a CHRISTENING. I haven't been to a christening for DECADES and so wasn't sure exactly how they worked, but luckily everyone else seemed to. It was in fact the christening of Mr P Myland AKA Mileage's FIRST BORN, and our mutual pal Mr M Guest was godfather. We've all known each other for 30 years so, to me, they look much the same as they did when messing around in school assembly, so it was STRANGE to see us all being Proper Respectable in CHURCH. Also quite funny!

One odd thing during the service tho - you know how some vicars try and be a bit CHUMMY and EXPLAIN things as they go? It's all very nice, that is, but always seems to throw up something ODD. This time the vicar said "Now, water - you can't get any more everyday and normal than water can you?" Good point vicar, i thought. "But when you're thirsty, only water will do, won't it?" He continued. Well, i thought, not really - there are various other liquids but, really, i suppose they do all CONTAIN or come from water, even fruit juice. All right, yes, I'll give you that one. Carry on. "And when you're asleep", he said. EH? where is this going, we wondered. "Only water will do the - throw water over somebody, and they'll definitely wake up. Only water will do."

It was all I could do to STOP myself raising a hand and informing him of the bright modern world of ALARM CLOCKS. The laundry bill at The Vicarage must be MASSIVE!

Afterwards we headed back to Chez Myland, which was ACE as we all wondered about chatting - my parents were also in attendance, so whilst me and Chris and Mileage discussed PEAT (we live in The Fens, it is a popular topic) my Mum bumped into someone she'd worked with BEFORE I WAS BORN. Later on myself, Mileage and Guesty ended up in THE UTILITY ROOM chatting about Items Various. "We're in The Utility Room at a Party" pointed out Mr Guest. HOW TIMES CHANGE/STAY THE SAME!

I also told Mileage's Dad about his starring role at the end of The Gay Train. "I don't remember saying that", he said. "I don't remember him saying it either", said Mileage. It's a good job I'm here TO remember it!

It was pretty much the best house party I've been to in YEARS (NB also probably the only one) and a lovely way to end an actually bloody brilliant weekend. PALS! I heartily recommend them!

posted 7/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Great stuff as ever. Loved the bit about the Vicar! I went to Midnight Mass two years ago and somehow the priest got from celebrating the birth of jesus to complaining about the broadband installation service they got with Virgin Media!
posted 7/2/2011 by PhoeniXPhiL

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