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Blog: What To Do With The February Album?

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Work on February Album Writing Month continues APACE, with a new one called "Let's Network" nearly done and an IDEA for the next one fermenting nicely, all of which should put me RELAXINGLY ahead of schedule while we go off to Leicester tomorrow for the comedy festival.

I am, however, starting to worry about what i should DO with the album when it's finished. When I took part in FAWM a couple of years ago I ended up releasing all the songs on a VERY limited edition album called All Around My House. I made it available to pre-order over a single weekend and then made just enough to go round - doing more would, to be honest, have driven me MENTAL as I decided to package them all in hand made flipper-folder thingies, all of which took AGES to make. They looked very nice tho!

I'd assumed that I'd do the same thing this time, but now I'm wondering whether I shouldn't just make it a DOWNLOAD - now that I've got all of our albums up on bandcamp that would certainly be the easiest thing to do, and it would also mean that I can link all the songs directly to the soundfiles. Also, I'm not sure that all that many people WANT CDs any more, now that downloading has become THE THING.

On the other hand, a limited edition CD is SPECIAL and is a nice way to package up this month's songs... tho then I'm not sure if I could happily put them all up to download straight away. Hmm... I'm really not sure, does anyone have any THORTS about this? The options as I see them are:
  1. Do a limited edition CD again, keep tracks off bandcamp until next year.
  2. Put the songs up on bandcamp as soon as they're all done.
  3. Do BOTH.
  4. Do NEITHER, Leave it all on FAWM and get on with something else, like the Dinosaur Planet album or learning the words to Moon Horse, for instance.

Now I've written it all out i THINK I'm leaning towards Option 3, but any THORTS would be most appreciated!

posted 15/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Option 3 seems like a sensible idea.
posted 15/2/2011 by Thom

Yes please make it available on CD!
posted 15/2/2011 by Ellen

I'd love a CD too Mark - just sounds better playing it, and if it's as lovely packaged as All Around My House, yuo know I want one :)
posted 15/2/2011 by Warren

I've just seen the packaging for All Around My House for the first time, so that makes me think a CD is essential. P.S. I put one of those videos from the Bowling Lanes online and then misplaced the memory's around somewhere, but I wasn't watching what I was filming on the other video so it might be bad, or indeed better...
posted 16/2/2011 by Alex

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