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Before we get going, thanks LOADS to everyone who's commented in various areas about ideas for the FAWM album - it's much appreciated, and if anyone's got any more THORTS do let me know!

Right then, SO - I rolled up at The Wilmington Arms last night for BRIGHT CLUB, a regular night where, usually, members of staff at UCL give ten minute talks on subjects a) of their choosing b) relevant to the evening's theme in a sort-of comedy gig environment. It is a BRILLIANT idea, and last night the theme was "Revolution" for LO! the people giving the talks were not the usual academics but instead people who were regulars at the shows.

It was ACE - my joint second favourites were about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Frederick 1st of the Holy Roman Empire, both of which were FASCINATING, and other sections on Being A Professional Musician, Making Short Films were ALSO dead good. The BEST, of course, was one on The History Of IPA given by a certain recent GRADUATE of ROCK, who was doing his first SOLO GIG.

I was so proud! For LO! It was Mr S Hewitt who had been asked to do it a while ago and has been WORKSHOPPING it (in pubs) for the past few weeks. I was a bit WORRIED about the whole way he'd worked it out, as personally I'd've written it and LEARNED it, but it all completely worked and Steve came on - IN THE HEADLINE SLOT - and GRABBED the audience with ease, confidently strolling through his alloted time as if he were merely chatting at the bar. It was GRATE!

It was also lovely to see Nice People Various, including visitors from the USA, and also to just RELAX for once at a gig where I a) could sit down b) didn't have to do anything. It's a fantastic idea for a gig and a smashing night out - i intend to return!

posted 16/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Alex was actually talking about Frederick II, it turns out (I couldn't quite remember either), but basically the one wot was an ANTICHRIST...
posted 17/2/2011 by Ewan

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