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Blog: The Leicester Comedy Festival

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You find me today TIRED but EXTRAORDINARILY happy after a fantastic couple of days in Leicester. It was GRATE!

We were playing once again at The Criterion, which is an ACE pub anyway with a WIDE range of ALE on - tho this time around I drank MILD pretty much all the time. Yes! MILD! I am over forty!

As well as the BEER the other GRATE thing about playing at the Criterion is that you get a team of STUDENTS who do all the admin for you, also flyering, putting up posters and the DOOR. This year's lot were fantastic and a DELIGHT to have doing all the hard work for us. One of their number, Sam, even did the guest star spot for us both nights!

The shows themselves went DEAD well - we had about 30 in on the Wednesday, which is less than we've had before, but then we've always done weekend before - and a sellout on the Thursday, and everyone seem very well prepared to join us on our ROCK ODYSSEY. We still missed a couple of bits out on both nights, but it didn't seem to matter as we roared FULL TILT through the show. We've only got two more to do, it's going to be EXTREMELY sad to say goodbye to it all!

Perhaps the best thing of ALL was that we finished by 9pm, leaving a whole evening to loll around and have a bit of a chat. The Tiger was in attendance last night, Mr S McHaggis the night before, and i was BLESSED to be visited by two people i haven't seen for YEARS - Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey on Wednesday and Geordie Mark From Amphetamine Trash on Thursday. This was BLOODY BRILLIANT and led to MUCH delight and discussion - my favourite part of the whole deal was when Mark said "I sometimes think they're knocking down pubs in Leicester to stop me ever going back to play gigs in them." I've got a song about that! i replied - and couldn't help notice something: I HAVE played at The Rutland & Derby, but Mark never did. The Rutland & Derby is still standing. Does this mean it is all HIS fault, not mine?!?

Anyway, we had a FANTASTIC time - I knew we would, and have been looking forward to it for weeks, but it went by at SUPERSONIC speed! I was also impressed this year by the way the Comedy Festival seems to have passed a point where suddenly everyone knows about it and recognises it as a BIG DEAL. There were LOADS of other acts on at the same time as us (including that nice Danny Robins, who popped in to see us after his show), which felt different, and everywhere you walked around town it really FELT like something was going on. It's a bloody GRATE thing all round - let's hope they let us back next year for Moon Horse!

posted 18/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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