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Blog: Two Songs To Go

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In all the EXCITEMENT of the conclusion of Dinosaur Planet you might be forgiven for thinking that I haven't been keeping up with February Album Writing Month.

Forgiven, but not correct! For LO! I am nearly finished, having today uploaded the twelfth, or PRE-PENULTIMATE, song of this year's batch. To a casual observer of this year's songs (all of which have streaming audio, should you wish to PREVIEW them) it might APPEAR that I have mostly been writing songs about the mundane aspects of my day, like some musical version of a Daily Mail reader's idea of what TWITTER might be like... and, to be fair, it might appear that way to a fairly commited observer too, as it's pretty much what it IS all about. There's some DELIGHTFUL stuff in there tho, I reckon (and i AM after all my own... well, kindest, critic), not least today's upload which features a GUITAR SOLO which I am particularly pleased with.

I'm now pretty certain i AM going to release the whole thing as a limited edition (i.e. even MORE limited than usual) CD, so watch out for the next edition of the newsletter for details about how to get your hands on it. In the meantime - two songs to go and five days to write them in! Let's ROCK!

posted 23/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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