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It's that most wonderful time of the year - the time when, every gig I do, someone says "Are you playing Indietracks this year?" Or, every time I get an email from The Validators, they say "Are we playing Indietracks this year?" and, in both cases, i say "I don't know... but i REALLY hope so!"

It's lovely that people seem so CONCERNED - they do SEEM to be implying that they HOPE we are, in all cases - honest - and it's fantastic that it's become something that get's ASKED. Nobody, for instance, ever says "So, are you on the main stage at Glastonbury?" It doesn't help my NERVES about it tho - i DREAD the day when we DON'T get to play indietracks, not least because it'd turn one of my favourite weekends into the year into a weekend of MOPING AROUND LOOKING SAD - but I promise, as soon as I know i will be going on about it... possibly at LENGTH!

A Festival i know i definitely WILL be appearing at, however, is the currently ongoing London Popfest, with Mr S Hewitt and I now taking up our TRADITIONAL ROLE of QUIZMASTERS for the Sunday Pop Quiz. We've got four or five rounds worked out for this, including Steve's Traditional Proper Pop Pop Quiz , and I've developed a revolutionary NEW kind of Quiz Round - BRITPOP MIME. It'll all be taking place at The Lexington on Sunday from 1-2pm, and should be DELIGHTFUL!

posted 25/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Popquiz, eh? Sounds good to me.
posted 25/2/2011 by jamboshoeshine

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