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Blog: A Month's Worth Of Album For One Week Only

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As readers of the newsletter will know I have now FINISHED my February Album Writing Month album for this year - HOORAH! Say my neighbours!

It's called Wonderful Wednesday and is available to buy RIGHT NOW... but only for a week. I'm going to take orders for it until next Monday evening (5pm on Monday 7th, to be precise) after which i shall CLOSE up, ORDER as many as we need, and then that'll be that! It'll be available to DOWNLOAD, of course, later in the month but THAT version won't be in a snazzy numbered sleeve, and it certainly won't have a FREE BADGE! THIS one will!

The last song was done on Saturday morning, after I got an email asking me if I could go and play at a Look Who's Saying Yes! gig tonight, with various comedians - i am VERY EXCITED INDEED about the forthcoming referendum as I'm hoping, for once, it'll mean people WON'T FLEE when I start banging on about voting reform (it's INTERESTING! COME BACK!) so said YES PLEASE at extreme speed, and then sat to writing a SONG all about it. I'm now trying to LEARN it ready for tonight - it's called I'm Saying Yes and MY GOODNESS ME if THAT doesn't bring about lasting constitutional reform then I do not know what will.

So yes, all the recording is now done and I'm putting together a COVER (based on a PHOTOSHOOT with The Lens On My Camera which took place yesterday, featuring me in a SUIT) now. I'm RATHER chuffed with how it's all turned out I must say, there's some odd bits and bobs of stuff on it but also some dead good (according to ME anyway) Actual Songs. You can PREVIEW it over on my FAWM page and, if you like it, you can get a personally NUMBERED copy in a couple of weeks very very easily. And did I mentioned there'll be BADGES?

posted 28/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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