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Blog: Spreadsheet Time

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Thanks very much to everyone who's been throwing themselves bodily into the risky waters of ALBUM PRE-ORDERING this week - I'm VERY happy to say that we've already shifted more copies of Wonderful Wednesday than we did of All Around My House, which I believe is what The Business Community would call "Progress". If you've not flung yourself in yet you've still got a few days left to do so - GO ON, every time a new email comes in to say someone's bought it, it makes my little heart go BOING with joy!

Also adding to the general feeling of wellbeing around these parts is the discover (after goodness knows HOW long) that PayPal is actually NOT BAD when it comes to reporting delivery addresses. For YEARS I've been logging all the sales addresses by HAND, which takes AGES and is FRAUGHT with pain, but this time around I thought I'd see if it might perhaps be easier to download a sales spreadsheet from Paypal itself and... oh... i see. That appears to save me DECADES of cut and pasting! HOOPLA!

So yes, whereas Messrs Springsteen, Edge and From Razorlight might see the release of a new album as a time for talk show appearances, international tours and video filming, for me it is the dawn of a new age in EFFICIENT SPREADSHEET USE. In your face, Springsteen Edge and From Razorlight, this is MUCH more fun and also features Transferable Skills! I wouldn't have it any other way!

posted 2/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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