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I got an email from the organisers of my FAVOURITE Festival last night, which is of course Indietracks. As i MAY POSSIBLY have mentioned I am the only person to have played ALL festivals so far and i was EXTREMELY keen to carry this on - it's a LOVELY weekend full of GRATE people and, to be honest, i do rather enjoy swanning around saying "Yes, i AM the only person to have played every year, thank you for asking... or, indeed for looking like you might be ABOUT to ask."

However, I'm sorry to say that is NO LONGER to be the case - the email said that they'd had SO MANY applications this year that they've decided to have NO bands from last year playing again, which alas includes me and The Validators. I told the Vlads and everyone was GLUM about it - i myself spent a good couple of hours moping round the house muttering "bollocks" to myself and feeling HARD DONE TO. It's obviously an entirely fair, JUST, and all round GOOD thing to do, increasing the amount of bands and people who get to play, and we DID have a very long run of gigs there. In fact, every objective and sensible part of me thinks "Yes, that is fair enough."

The rest of me, however, is sitting in the corner SNIFFLING, occasionally emerging to eat BISCUITS and say "NOT FAIR. ME WANT PLAY FESTIVAL."

Oh well, as I say it's all completely fair enough and, really, I'm grateful to have had the chance to play for as long as I did. And I AM going away for over a fortnight a few days later to do my NEXT favourite festival up in Edinburgh, so I should be getting my FIX for this year! Now, I must pop out and get some more hobnobs...

posted 3/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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I'm going to start an Indietracks fringe festival. the bands will play on that weird road-train thingy from Amber Valley Caravan Park.
posted 3/3/2011 by Ray K

Just to clarify, we haven't decided to have "NO bands from last year playing again", we're just not having any THIS year! x
posted 4/3/2011 by Emma Indietracks

Surely Dinosaur Planet is an entirely different entity to Mj Hibbet & the Vlads? surely theres a legal loophole to be exposed here??? my three year old will be gutted, he's been looking forward to seeing DP again, he's only seen it the twice and is determined to see it at the Tracks. he wont be a happy chappy.
posted 4/3/2011 by matt

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