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Blog: Football and The Comedy

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I had a weekend of MINOR HIGHS and MINOR LOWS with my colleague Mr S Hewitt this weekend just past, starting with a DELIGHTFUL day out in the city of my childhood, PETERBOROUGH. We were both there to visit The Capital City Of Football Entertainment, where the mighty Posh were taking on Lowly Exeter City (NB it is MY blog so i can say what i like!). I met Steve in a pub on Cathedral Square, which seems to have become DEAD NICE since i was last there. The HORRIBLE Post Office has been obliterated, leaving the church (there's a church in Cathedral Square in Peterborough - i guess for people who couldn't be bothered to walk the extra 100 yards to the Actual Cathedral) looking GLORIOUS. It really was very nice indeed!

We toddled off for a mini-tour of pubs, meeting Mr P Myland in Charters, where Steve stayed behind with his fellow Exeter Exiles whilst me and Mileage waltzed off to meet the Posh lot in Ebeneezers. Mileage hasn't BEEN to many games this season, so it was like wondering around with a RETURNING HERO - everywhere we went faces LIT UP. "Mylo!" they said (for such is has name round those parts), as crowds dashed to touch the hem of his FLEECE.

The actual GAME was ALL RIGHT - i feel i MAY have enjoyed it more than Steve, THREE GOALS more in fact - but it was funny how quickly The World Of Football FORGETS. "Fergy, Fergy, give us a wave!" we gaily sang to a man whose name, only a few weeks ago, had been MUD. Why, it's almost as if holding EXTREME OPINIONS and VOICING THEM LOUDLY without having to worry about the consequences is part of the FUN of it all!

Next day we met once more, this time in LONDON TOWN, where we were playing at the Sunday Hullabaloo, an afternoon COMEDY gig at The Wilmington. We went on first and did THIS:
  • Theme From Dinosaur Planet
  • Please Don't Eat Us
  • We're The Mars Men Of Jupiter
  • We've Done Something Evil
  • Boom Shake The Room

  • I have to admit, about half way through I was once again reminded that we are NOT comedians. Everyone was very amenable in the audience, it all did OK, but I kept thinking "This ISN'T a comedy act". It's all meant to be done as a SHOW sort of thing, so the individual songs aren't DESIGNED to be done on their own, and tho I often do stuff like Theme From Dinosaur Planet in the ROCK gigs, there's not enough GAGS about them to carry it off in this sort of environment. We're The Mars Men Of Jupiter seemed to work best - possibly due to the HATS that we were wearing for the first time, or maybe because it has one of those jokes where you EXPECT a Rude Word to complete a rhyme, but DOESN'T, but even then I thought it could do with a better bit at the end.

    Thankfully Steve had the GRATE idea of doing Boom Shake The Room to finish with, which not only made everything FINE again but also allowed me to insert the previous days actions into the "And like [x] I'll be scoring" line, which pleased me IMMENSELY. Still, as we sat down for the rest of the show I couldn't help noticing the difference between us and the SLICK COMEDIANS who followed. I mean, i don't WANT to be a Slick Comedian, but still the whole experience DISCONCERTED me somewhat. Next time we do anything like this, we're going in ARMED with some GAGS!

    posted 7/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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