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Blog: Glowing

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You find me this morning all AGLOW, for TWO reasons.

Firstly, i have JUST THIS MINUTE ordered the CDs AND the BADGES for Wonderful Wednesday. It all seemed to go SURPRISINGLY SIMPLY... so i am now crouched in fear of an email from someone saying "No no, this needs to be CMYK in PDF2 format on a MAC written in LATIN" like usually happens. Hopefully it WON'T tho, which means tomorrow I can poster the ALBUM MASTER off to the manufacturers, then sit back and wait a week or so for the CDs themselves to arrive. In the meantime i am going to EXCITE myself with getting the envelope labels ready. YES! THRILLS!

The second reason i am AGLOW is because yesterday i went and had a go in a TANNING BOOTH! ZANG!

This was, of course, PURELY for health reasons - Steve's friend Pete recommended it to me when we did the Watford gig the other week as a possible method of combatting PSORIASIS, so I thought I'd give it a go. I've spent a couple of weeks building up to it, nervously LOOKING at various tanning shops, but yesterday I reached sufficient bravery to GO IN. It was AMAZING! You stand in this BOOTH thing, NAKED apart from some space age STICKY LABELS over your eyes, and everything glows BLUE. After a couple of seconds you start to feel like you're ON HOLIDAY - it's nice and warm, and you slowly feel your INNER CORE start to THAW OUT after BLOODY WINTER. Gorgeous!

I was only in for five minutes, which was JUST long enough as today I still feel slightly warm but just on the VERGE of going crisp - like when you arrive on holiday just before the sun starts to go down. It was ACE, tho i worry now that I'm going to turn into DAVID DICKINSON as it was SO VERY NICE that I am going to find it hard to wait a WEEK until I can go again. If the next album is called "Cheap As Chips", please stage an INTERVENTION.

So yes: GLOWING is GO - and all ready to start Totally Acoustic again TONITE! We're on at the Lamb, with Jenny Lockyer, Simon Fox and Peter Buckley-Hill, so if you're in That London, do pop along if you can. I'll show you my TAN!

posted 8/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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