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Blog: Podcasts and Badges

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I spent a LARGE part of yesterday Listening Again to the previous evening's Totally Acoustic as i carefully crafted the first podcast of the new SEASON. And LO! IT IS DONE!

And a whole HECKLOAD of fun it was to do I must say - there are many LARFS in this one, i think, as well as some rather SPIFFING performances from the Lockyer, Fox and Buckley-Hill types, and even a pretty decent going over of "Mars Men Of Jupiter". It was a LOVELY night, I'm already getting a bit excited about the next one!

And talking of EXCITEMENT - I came in to work this morning to find that the Wonderful Wednesday BADGES have arrived! HOOPLA! As ever these were done at EXTREME SPEED and DELICIOUS PRICING by the wonderful people at Wee Badgers in Glasgow. Incredibly I ordered them on TUESDAY afternoon and they were here within less than 24 hours, looking LOVELY. It's so easy and cheap to DO badges this way, it seems churlish not to, ESPECIALLY when they're done by a LEGEND of INDIE i.e. Manda Rin from BIS.

Yes! It's like having t-shirts manufactured by Morrissey or something! These will be going out to the CHARMING people who ordered the album last week - the actual CDs will take a little bit longer to get back, and are probably not made by Indie Legends, as far as i know, but will STILL be almost exactly as DELIGHTFUL! Then it will be a couple of days of LABEL STICKING for me - the GLAMOUR of ROCK, it never ends!

posted 10/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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