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Blog: A Sophisticated Weekend

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Goodness me but we had a weekend of SOPHISTICATION this weekend, and all of it in the old East End too!

On Saturday afternoon we had a household OUTING with myself, The Athletes In My Olympics and The Landlady heading out to Pudding Mill Lane, to have a look at the Olympics site. We walked there from Stratford and it was WEIRD - you know when you go on holiday ABROAD, right? And you get the bus/taxi from the airport to the nearest town? It was like THAT BIT - a long multi-lane road with half built and half demolished buildings all the way along, with the occasional weird shop or derelict garage at street level. WEIRD.

The site itself was WELL worth the strangeness tho - we went to The ViewTube where there was a Cafe made of Storage Containers (including viewing platform that we couldn't, but didn't really NEED to, get to), some DISPLAYS and a stunning VISTA of the Olympic Park as it comes together. It's all TERRIBLY exciting, and unbelievable that it's actually going to HAPPEN next year. On the way back, on the DLR, we said "they're going to need to have a bit of an old clean up around here before everybody comes" then I thought "Oh but that's AGES away... hang on, no it isn't!" My CUNNING SUGGESTION to S.Coe et al is to get THE QUEEN to visit on a fortnightly basis, that usually gets people tidying up.

Then in the evening we went to our local COMMUNITY CENTRE for The News From Nowhere Club a BRILLIANT group who organise regular TALKS. We were there EN MASSE to see Michael Horovitz, the BEAT POET. It was all VERY INTERESTING - his style of "lecturing" seemed to mostly involve him saying whatever occurred to him as he went along... which, actually, reminded me of quite a lot of my old lecturers from Poly, but then he'd SPRING into life when he did poetry. Some of it was FASCINATING, the poems were BRILLIANT and it was EXCITING to see a Genuine Real-Life Legend in the actual flesh, performing some of the poems and SORT OF Music (the Anglo Saxophone was a thing to behold... tho not necessarily to listen to) that ACTUALLY changed the world. Some of the rest of it was a bit ANNOYING, in the way that Inherently Posh Old Intellectuals can be, SIGHING about Oh How Dreadful Everything Is, but really, as a veteran of BASICALLY EVERYTHING, he'd sort of won the right to be like that.

And on Sunday I went to TESCO and did some ADMIN. Hey! If I was as sophisticated as that EVERY day I would HURT myself, all right?

posted 14/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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