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Blog: Meanwhile In The CD Factory

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I recieved a FANTASTICALLY EXCITING email at work yesterday - "Box for you in reception". For LO! This simple message was the harbinger of GRATENESS - the Wonderful Wednesday CDs had arrived!

I SKIPPED upstairs full of joy, bringing them back down to The Computer Dungeon full of HIGH EMOTION. Would they LOOK all right? Would they PLAY all right? I was pretty sure the answer would be 'YES' to both questions, as they'd been done by the marvellous people at Short Run who I get to do... well, all my short runs of CDs really. They're very helpful, super speedy and IMMENSE value for money, especially if, as I do, you opt for the Self Assembly Option.

I gazed in order at the BEAUTY of the CDs (hem hem, the cover star especially) and tenderly placed the CD itself into the computer. This is always a NERVE WRACKING moment - will it actually WORK? - so you can imagine my RELIEF when it totally DID. You can also imagine my HORROR when I suddenly realised that i had done the track listing WRONG!


I'd done the tracklisting in the same order as on the original FAWM site i.e. in the order each song had been written and recorded, but had decided to swap the first two around so that it started with the title track... but had FORGOTTEN to change this on the artwork. ARSES! Also, AAAAAARGH!! I was upset about this for HOURS, until the evening in fact when The Titles Of My Songs and The Landlady reassured me that it didn't REALLY matter, especially as I'd be able to email EVERYONE who'd bought a copy to let them know about it. Still, it was a bit ANNOYING.

UNDETERRED, however, I set to the process of self-assembling, HAND NUMBERING each of the CDs as I went along. It was a bit of a long old job, but a) NOT as long as making All Around My House had been [NB it took DAYS] and b) passed by very pleasantly as I sat and listened to Radio 7. I'm reading a book about the history of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" at the moment, so was DELIGHTED to be able to sit and listen live to "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again", it was LOVELY.

With that all done I packed up the first few ENVELOPES this morning, for those destined to go ABROAD, with CDs and BADGES and took them off to the post office on my way to work. The remainder will be going off tomorrow and then that'll be most of the process DONE. Everything should be on iTunes et al by the 4th of April (at which point I'm thinking of doing another SNAZZY website redesign) and then the whole thing will be FINISHED! I must say, apart from that little hiccup with the tracklisting, I've THOROUGHLY enjoyed EVERY aspect of making this album and am EXTREMELY grateful to everyone who took a leap in the dark to buy it. Hope you enjoy it, and sorry about the ERROR!

posted 18/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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