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I threw myself straight into the ROCK MELEE on Friday night by heading out to the SLIGHTLY WRONG pub, to meet Mr J Kell... or rather, to NOT meet him until about 20 minutes later when i went to the PROBABLY CORRECT pub, The Shakespeare's Head near Angel. OOH! It was a LOVELY pub - you remember how pubs USED to be, in the early 90's or so, before there were theme pubs and so ALL pubs were EITHER Townie Pubs or Old Men's Pubs? This was THE LATTER, with a wide mix of TYPES and AGES of people all having a lovely time together. I always used to love this kind of pub when I was a student and also in my lengthy Acting Like A Student days, but like them even BETTER now that I'm off an age to feel i fit PROPERLY into the Adult Clientele and can call people "mate" without looking stupid. It was ACE, i hope to RETURN.

The MEETING was primarily to discuss the Moon Horse RADIO SHOW that we are working up a PITCH for, and many GRATE ideas were passed back and forth for the characters, pilot episode and later SERIES. I bloody LOVE doing this sort of thing again - writing scripts and so forth is something i was VERY keen on doing in my teens and very early twenties, and something I had a little bit of success at too, selling a couple of sketches to Radio 4 and getting an audition to write for Jonathan Ross (which, idiotically, I never got around to doing) but the LURE of ROCK and BEER and NOT QUITE TALKING TO GURLS meant I ended up wandering into the realms of BANDS instead. It feels GOOD to be back!

I did, however, wander back into the realm of bands again that very night, as we nipped over to the Oddbox night at The Wilmington, which was a DELIGHT. There was a metric TONNE of ACE people there from The World Of The Indie which was BRILLIANT - it feels like AGES since I was last out at a big indiepop/anorak night like this, and it was fantastic to see everyone again!

Next morning I had to fly into action for my own corner of the aforesaid, as it was UK POSTING DAY for Wonderful Wednesday. I'd already posted the ABROAD copies on Friday morning so all that was left was to pack, stamp, sticker, and POST the remainder, which is always IMMENSELY satisfying. As I walked home from newly BULGING post boxes (i always divvy up the envelopes into at LEAST two post boxes, you never know when a lorry's going to CRASH into one, right?) i realised that this was one of my FAVOURITE parts of the WHOLE Making An Album THING. Once they're all in the post then most of the hard work is DONE - you don't have to worry about finishing songs, recording them, mixing, getting the artwork right (and the whole RGB/CMYK NIGHTMARE), mastering, collection, barcodes etc etc. That's all DONE, and now you can just sit back and wait to see if people LIKE it. I always think of all those envelopes like FISH, set free into the waters of POST to swim to their different destinations to... er... spawn? Something like that anyway, and I always wish them "good luck" as they go into the post box. Quietly, usually, but I do always do it.

And now I understand that some of the swimmers have already reached their destinations - i hope they are bringing as much JOY to the recipients as I had from making them, which was Actually Quite A Lot!

posted 21/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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The Shakey Head is simply one of the best pubs in London, here is why we think so: bit shocking that it was only 6th to be honest...
posted 21/3/2011 by Steve

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