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Blog: Podcasts and Other Actions

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I had a typically delightful Wonderful Wednesday yesterday, getting a TON of ROCK ACTIONS completed.

First and foremost amongst these was the creatio of the latest Totally Acoustic podcast, with the latest edition ready to download now. This one was DEAD easy to do - everything sounded GRATE, a right lovely reminder of a brilliant evening, and the only real difficulty was choosing WHICH songs to leave out. I was quite disciplined about it this time, giving us a nice TAUT short show which i think works dead well. Have a listen, see what you reckon!

With that done I turned ot a couple of other bits and bobs, first of all recording a few lines of a cover of a Nick Cave cover of a Bob Dylan for another band's PROJECT - I'd been putting it off for a couple of days due to WORRYING about doing it properly, but it all seemed to go OK. The song's "Death Is Not The End", which I'd not heard before. They're getting eight people to do bits of the vocals, apparently, I don't envy them editting it all together!

And talking of EDITTING I also did a bit of that MYSELF, rejigging and in some cases RE-DOING a couple of recent songs for "Normal Island" a new THING I've been working on for a little while which I'm not sure I've mentioned here before... I'll not get into it too deeply YET, for fear of JINXING, but I had a LOVELY time recording/rejigging some of my MOST PERNICIOUSLY CATCHY songs. It was FUN... at the time, tho the next day i fear that they may NEVER leave my BRANE.

I also got the last little batch of copies of Wonderful Wednesday packed up, these going mostly to Validators. Reports of these being RECIEVED and ENJOYED have been coming in all week, which has been MARVELLOUS. All correspondents so far seem to have enjoyed it, which is a relief, tho it has instigated a STRING of emails asking what day we'll be playing Indietracks this year, and on what stage? Just when I was getting over the disappointment, it comes jogging back!

Apart from that minor bump - and to be honest, the fact that people keep asking about it is a source of PRIDE more than anything else, in a job well done - and with the additional FACT that it felt very MUCH like the first day of SPRING, this was a Wednesday that well earnt its title of "Wonderful"!

posted 24/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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