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Blog: Back To The Gym

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You find me a little tired of mind and body this afternoon, as i have been EXTERTING myself in various directions, not least PHYSICALLY. For LO! After about 14 months of non-membership I have gone an re-joined THE GYM. I'm just getting to the point where it feels like I'm wearing an extra coating of HIBBETT and, as SPRING has very much sprung upon is, and as Touring Boris Bikes wasn't really as much fun as The Walking Circle, I thought I'd give the gym another go.

It was WEIRD because it was EXACTLY how it used to be - right down to all the staff being Slightly Annoying in a Well-Meaning But Still Basically Trainee PE Teachers kind of way. It felt like going down a street you used to live on - normal, but simultaneously ODD. A couple of hours later I feel all EXERCISED and GOOD and hopefully THIS time I'll be able to avoid getting the skin infections i had last time around. If the TANNING works out then i should be OK - in which case, set your alarm clocks for the summer, when it will be TANNED ADONIS O'CLOCK!

posted 29/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Easy there Mr Hibbett, no need to go over the score. A gentle stroll to the sports centre and a read of the opening times, followed by an easy walk back home is all that's required!!
posted 29/3/2011 by Gary Urquhart

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