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Blog: A Moon Horse In Croydon

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I met once more with Mr S Hewitt at London's Horriblest Mainline Station (London Bridge - oh it is HORRID) last night to head out for an EPOCHAL gig in Croydon. For LO! We were due to try out our ROCK SET!

The idea to DO this was formulated a couple of weeks ago after a comedy gig for which we were ILL PREPARED. We sat down and worked out an ACTUAL SET we could do for these sort of occasions which would maximise GOOD TIMES and minimise FAFFING ABOUT and spending AGES trying to explain complicated plot points of Dinosaur Planet and/or Moon Horse to people who really would have been quite happy not to know them. It was a GOOD IDEA, we thought, and had elected The Green Dragon as the place to see if we were RIGHT.

We arrived SUPER EARLY, ALARMING Mr T Eveleigh and Dr M Strange who were setting up. We asked for CURRY advice and Mark told us of a place just down the road which turned out to be VERY nice - The Spice Express it was called, and it was FAST, SPICEY and NOT TOO PRICEY.

Back at the venue we found Ms J Lockyer, on the 29th date of her 30 gig MARATHON to raise money for The Children's Trust - it is a GRATE cause and she has done a MIGHTY thing doing a whole MONTH of gigs (goodness knows i get knackered after a FORTNIGHT!), and I would commend it to anyone - go on, it's her birthday today, give her some CA$H!

Anyway, greetings were greeted, Steve and I had a MINI-PRACTICE (during which we DROPPED a song because... well, because I didn't know the words) and then did THIS:
  • Theme From Dinosaur Planet
  • The Battle Of Peterborough
  • Dinosaurs Talk Like Pirates
  • Privatising Everything
  • We're The Mars Men Of Jupiter
  • Boom Shake The Room
  • It all seemed to go PRETTY WELL. Some bits did better than others - i think we CRACKED it with Dinosaurs Talk Like Pirates and We're The Mars Men Of Jupiter gets better every time we do it. There was however CONTENTION, when The Battle Of Peterborough caused MUCH DEBATE about the value of my home city and Pub Looney 1 (Tim later told me we had been privileged to have BOTH Pub Looneys in, Pub Looney 2 had REMONSTRATED, through MUMBLING, with Pub Looney 1 about when he...) complained loudly and vigorously about the VIRTUES of THATCHER. I believe it is called ENGAGEMENT!

    Afterwards we THOROUGHLY enjoyed Jenny's set - she is ALWAYS excellent and even more so after this HIGH POWERED string of TRAINING, and even did a song "Knives And Things" which I've not heard before! ACE! We also enjoyed Mr J Ayres, who dueted delightful with Big Tim, and then had a bit of a chat to a couple who had a DOUBLE LINK to myself - one of them knew EDDY and co in Hull, the other came from PETERBOROUGH! The BEST bit of the ENTIRE EVENING, however, came towards the end when I said to the lady from Peterborough "Oh no, I wouldn't have been at school with [person mentioned] - I'm 41 this year!" and she looked ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHED! AHA!

    I'm taking this to mean she couldn't believe i was that OLD, and not the other way round - any COMMENTS saying the opposite will be RUTHLESSLY DELETED!

    So yes, a lovely night out all round really, and a good start to the ROCK SET!

    posted 30/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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    I would like to point out that I don't know the words to the song we dropped either ;)
    posted 30/3/2011 by Steve

    Thanks, yet again, for playing for us. See y'all soon.
    posted 30/3/2011 by Tim

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