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Blog: Newsletter Day

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I've just sent out the latest edition of the newsletter and, looking through it, everything appears to be VERY organised and efficient. All projects appear to be steadily striding towards completion like the very MODEL of multiple strand brand extension. If I didn't know any better I would be IMPRESSED!

I must a confess, however, that it doesn't feel that way from this end! There is a TON of stuff going on and I am barely keeping it under control as it IS. Take Moon Horse for instance - as well as learning lines, GRAPPLING with props, and preparing for the preview shows (which start next week - YIKES!) I've also been beavering away on the RADIO version, which I'm going to go and hand deliver THIS VERY LUNCHTIME for someone to have a look at. In the same lunch hour I'm ALSO popping round the corner to see someone about a new venue (and, possibly, whole new MODUS OPERANDI) for Totally Acoustic - by "new modus operandi" i just mean it might be MONTHLY, rather than ELECTRICAL or anything, don't worry! We're hoping to have a SUMMER SPECIAL in London to go with the two Edinburgh ones, then MIGHT switch over to a regular night every month starting in the winter.

ALSO MEANWHILE the lumbering behemoth that is Dinosaur Planet rumbles on. I've started work in EARNEST on the eventual multi-media aspect of the CD - the SCRIPT is pretty much done, and over the weekend I finished transcribing THE CHORDS. This was actually quite restful - drawing chord diagrams for the (not very many!) chords required was oddly relaxing, and now I just need to add some PHOTOGRAPHS to make a rather nice little package. When that's done I really need to get on with NOTE TAKING for the MIXING SESSIONS which begin in a couple of weeks. Oh, and there's the contents of the CD Booklet to work out too!

And then there's also various OTHER gigs - not least one a week today when i am [EEEK!!] COMPERING - and SECRET PROJECTS including a SONG I've got to learn for someone next week and new batches BADGES and possible T-SHIRTS and... well, you get the idea.

I think the best thing I can do to make things easier, rather than actually GET ON and DO some of these things, is to write a lengthy blog about it and drive myself into PANIC about it all! AAAARRRGGH!!!

posted 31/5/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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