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A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my GP - several months ago I'd woken up with NUMB FINGERS (little finger and next one along) on both hands, WORRIED about it for a few weeks, mentioned it to The Arms On My Shoulders, been told to see the GP, WORRIED for a few more weeks, been told to go again, WORRIED a bit more and then DID book an appointment. The traditional method, in fact.

So yes, I turned up at my Doctor's and told him this and he immediately looked AFEARED. He wobbled my head and MIDRIFF about for a bit then JABBED me with a Pointed Implement for a bit, before declaring that there didn't SEEM to be any Neurological Damage and told me to get a BLOOD TEST. "It could be all sorts of things", he said, "Like a B12 deficiency."

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE! Did he say "B12"?!? As anyone who has spoken to me in the past few months IN ANY CAPACITY will know, I have PREVIOUS with this miracle vitamin! Back in FEBRUARY i was feeling super sluggish and KNACKERED all the time so GOOGLED the symptoms and found it MIGHT be B12 Deficiency. This COULD happen to Vegetarians, it said "but only if you have been Vegetarian for about 20 years." I had been vegetarian for NINETEEN YEARS! I bought some tablets and within A SINGLE DAY i felt like i had SUPER POWERS!

So when my GP mentioned this my BRANE immediately flew into action and I realised - HANG ON! - that the Tingly Fingers had ALSO started around then. Full of the joys of Self Diagnosis I reported next day for a BLOOD TEST expecting to have this entirely VERIFIED. The NURSE was incredibly GRUMPY when I did this and when I asked him if i'd still be able to give blood that evening he SNORTED his DERISION. "Of course" he scowled. Inevitably, when I got to the Donor Centre they said it was probably best to wait for the results. BAH!

ANYWAY I rang up LAST week to get my results, only to hear the receptionist say BRIGHTLY "It's all fine!" That WASN'T exactly what I was after, however, so THIS week I was back in the GP's office, discussing what was going on.

Well, I say "discussing", what I mean was BLUSHING. It turns out I am the VERY MODEL OF HEALTH AND FITNESS! Turns out that Vegetariansim and BEER are the perfect diet - he didn't actually SAY that, but it was INFERRED - and I am King Of All HEALTH. Best of all I explained about the B12 tablets and, rather than ticking me off for Self Diagnosing (as my GP has been known to do) he said AGREED with me, said "Keep Taking The Tablets" and gave me a MANLY HANDSHAKE! I wasn't sure whether he was supporting my veggieNESS, my Supreme Physique or my Medical Know-How - I suppose it was probably THE LOT.

I thus walked out of the surgery feeling like the KING OF THE WORLD. Who knows? Maybe my slight deafness, bad eyesight, pointy out feet and VERY SLIGHTLY OVERLARGE GUT are ALSO down to B12 deficiency? I'll keep taking the tablets and report back!

posted 7/6/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Marmite protein shakes it is for you then, hippie! Glad you're alright, though :-)
posted 9/6/2011 by Ray K

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