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Blog: Dinosaur Planet Artwork Preview

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I spent most of yesterday feeling a little bit hungover, a LOT full of cold, and generally slightly grumpy, so you can imagine my DELIGHT when my inbox went "PING!" with a message from noted artist and all round good guy Mr J Allison containing FINISHED ARTWORK for Dinosaur Planet.

"Oh! How does it look?" you may ask. To get the full effect of the answer, please imagine me leaping up and down with excitement, blowing trumpets and shouting "AMAAAAZING!" with a big silly grin on my face - for LO! It totally IS!

I'm been trying to keep a LID on my EXTREME EXCITEMENT and NOT show off the artwork until the album is actually released, and this seems to be the a GOOD IDEA so far - i DID send the artwork to the various cast members last night and the general reaction has been one of AWE and GLEE, STUNNED to see it all in one go, so I think i'll STICK to that - but i WILL share three tiny little details with you now. Look at these TERRIFIED people! What can they see? What do they KNOW?


These are just TINY details, missing out the GLORIOUS scenes of TERROR, MAYHEM, BATTLE, DESTRUCTION and... er... TENSE NEGOTIATIONS that are also covered, but OOH! Aren't they nice? We've got a wraparound cover, a t-shirt design and FOUR seperate illustrations to go in the booklet, it's going to look WONDERFUL!

Now all we have to do is finish mixing it!

posted 21/6/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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