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Blog: Moon Horse VIDEOS

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I was off work POORLY yesterday with a drippy dreary cold, but managed to DRAG myself from my SICK BED for long enough to extract the VIDEO off the camera from Sunday's Moon Horse show. After a good long look at it all I picked out two EXCERPTS which seemed quite good and DIDN'T present any Massive Spoilers!

You can see them over on the super duper new Moon Horse videos page... or just look at them here! The first one is a faithful historical reenactment of the firts meeting between President Lyndon B Johnson and Prime Minister Harold Wilson which we have titled "A Very Special Relationship":

I think the picture YouTube chose to represent the video is my FAVOURITE of ALL YouTube video representational pictures! And for the second one we have The Mars Men Of Jupiter singing their company song, THUS:

Hope you like them - I'm also planning to use some of the footage to make another TRAILER like we have in other years. This time it might be a bit more of a NORMAL compilation of CLIPS, rather than a specially filmed EPIC like last year's effort or, indeed, the one from the year before. I AM however hoping to feature the usual Narrator!

posted 22/6/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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