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Blog: Newsletter Day

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It's the last working day of the month, which means it's time to send out the latest edition of The Last Working Day Of The Month, which this time seems to be full of projects nearing COMPLETION as Dinosaur Planet and Moon Horse VIE with each other for your attentions.

It feels like exciting times are ahead, and this is perhaps encapsulated best by the following VIDEO, shot by The Tiger on his phone at the weekend, featuring AXEWORK that DEFIES COMPREHENSION:

All right, I wasn't making ALL of those noises at the same time, but still: GOOD TIMES!

Also of note within the newsletter is the the announcement of the final line-up for the Totally Acoustic SUMMER SPECIAL. We've got the MARVELLOUS Dave Barnett playing his first solo gig in over a DECADE, and the promised return of A Fine Day For Sailing after their recent mini-set. It's all occurring on July 14th, full details over on the gigs page - it should be a GRATE night, do come along if you can!

posted 30/6/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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