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Blog: Debriefing

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I met once more with Mr S Hewitt for a DEBRIEF session - there hadn't been time to sit down and do this PROPERLY whilst we were actually performing Moon Horse, so we'd arranged one for when the dust had settled a bit.

We always do one of these and it's usually VERY good value - we talk about what went right and what went wrong, what we'd change for next time, check we DO want to do a show next year, and even start the first vague ideas of what it'll BE next time around. This time, however, much of that was null and void. We had a pretty much TOTALLY GRATE time of it, so there wasn't that many Lessons To Learn, and we'd already agreed that we'd not be going up to do a show anyway, due to OLYMPICS.

Well, we'd sort of agreed - LAST year Steve notified me that he'd be applying to be part of the Olympics closing ceremony, and if he gets in he'll be REHEARSING for it for MONTHS beforehand, so there'd be no TIME to learn a new show. From my side of things I wouldn't WANT to go up and do a big run of shows all on my own, and anyway this year was SO excellent that it feels like tempting fate to go back and try and recreate it all over again.

HOWEVER we both said that not going at ALL seemed a bit miserable - we can't NOT go to Edinburgh! Surely everyone would MISS us? And having DONE the Free Fringe it didn't feel right just to drop it next year when we were having so much FUN. There had been talk of just GOING for a long weekend (after the Olympics), but even then it seemed sad to me not to be doing SOMETHING while I was up there. Steve suggested maybe repeating Totally Acoustic but, to be honest, trying to squeeze it into an HOUR felt like a bit too much of a RUSH.

I did have ONE idea for something I could do though... a very low maintenance THEMED show using a whole batch of songs I've already GOT which I could loosely string together. I wanted to check that Steve wouldn't MIND me doing something like that, and he said he was FINE, so I'm thinking MAYBE that might be the thing to do. THUS we agreed to see how we felt in January (and see what The Olympic Committee said!) then ask Mr Buckley-Hill if we could maybe have a spot at some point for 2-3 days, any time as long as it was at Buffs, at his convenience, to do this THEMED thing, and then gently arrange the rest of our Fringe around that.

This seemed like an EXCELLENT idea - not least because it involves no work for AGES! - and we saluted it with some BEER, before moving on to discuss the two pronged TOUR and the possibility of releasing the whole thing as a PODCAST. Moon Horse is not ready to retire to the Moon Stables JUST yet!

posted 6/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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