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Blog: 2000AD Nan

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Today's exciting news is that my song 2000AD Nan is TRACK OF THE WEEK over on the Keep Pop Loud blog. It's a BRAND NEW* song I recorded for their new compilation, based on an idea I've had swimming around in my BRANE for ages, arising when I noticed that the letters page - the NERVE CENTRE - of 2000AD was getting a lot of letters in much like the ones described in the song. It thus covers two things very dear to my heart - NANS and 2000ADs - and I am very proud of it.

* i say "BRAND NEW", I recorded it quite a while ago and the song itself has been GESTATING for AGES. The TUNE is by Mr FA Machine, who sent me it with a BATCH of others. It then changed it SEVERAL times, for some reason deciding to change the key, tempo AND time signature before eventually returning it to pretty much exactly the same as the original version, albeit with marginally less JAZZ chorage. I think it's rather nice!

posted 13/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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