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Blog: Standard Fare At The Lexington

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When you live in That London one of the BIG differences to living in the rest of the UK is the business of GOING OUT in the week. When I lived in Leicester I would go home after work, have my tea, get changed and THEN head to the pub/gig around half past eight. Nowadays, like other COMMUTING types, I usually go to the pub STRAIGHT from work, around six-ish, and so have an extra couple of hours of BEER before the fun kicks off.

Last night, however, I reverted to the OLD STYLE. I work from home on Wonderful Wednesdays, so after a hard day's GRAFT doing the above I had my tea and THEN went into town. It was BRILLIANT! When I arrived at The Lexington I had a fully lined stomach that was entirely ready to start drinking, and the entire evening passed by DELIGHTFULLY, with none of the usual ISSUES to do with having had a bit too much to drink, too early, and needing a WEE/bit of an old lie down at the EXACT point when the main band comes on. I can see why this method is so popular in Not London!

It was, in fact, a BLOODY LOVELY night all round. I'd gone to see Standard Fare play, as had a METRIC TONNE of other smashing people what I know, so there was a GRATE deal of chatting to persons various and HALLOOING. It feels like AGES since I last went to an Actual Proper Nice Gig (NB as opposed to COMEDY stuff at The Fringe and that) where I wasn't playing myself and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself. The first support were also good - Evans The Death, who Mr S Hewitt said looked like "that other band we saw here that time." "That's because they are that other band we saw here last time" I told the poor old dear. They sounded good - the sound IS always good at The Lexington - and, as I may have remarked last time, LOOKED like a proper band. I'm not sure what all this "singing" and "being able to play" and "THINNESS" is all about tho. That's not The Indie Way, surely?

The main event was Standard Fare themselves, who were BLOODY FANTASTIC. I know I ALWAYS says this about seeing them, but that is because it is TRUE. Man alive, there is so much about them to like, and they just keep getting better - when they rolled out the tracks from the first album it was as if they'd been around FOREVER with HIT after HIT after HIT - when they did "Philadelphia" near the end I thought "Aha! They have done ALL the BIG ONES now!"... and then they did "Dancing" and I realised that THIS is a band with LOADS of TUNES.

Excitingly tho the song I woke up with in my head this morning was "Suitcase", which isn't even ON the first album. COR! It was DEAD good, as were the other NEW ones they played, one of which made me GRIN like a twit and join in with the Undignified Jigging About which had infected a large group of the Indie Types in the crowd. Don't judge us! It was just SO ACE we couldn't help it!

I left full of SMILES and GOOD TIMES - GIGS! Wherever you go, GIGS are GRATE!

posted 15/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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