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Blog: Back To Work

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You find me today sat at my desk at WORK, doing some WORK and generally NOT visiting exciting European cities, NOR larking about at home, going to see films ("Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" was ACE!) or visiting my new Surprisingly Nice LOCAL with The Days Of My Annual Leave.

It's not all work work work though... well, not WORK work anyway, for LO! over the weekend MIGHTY EFFORTS were undertaken to get the Dinosaur Planet ALBUM ready for manufacturing, as myself and The Words In My Text SLAVED over several drafts of the SLEEVENOTES. Heckers neckers but there has been a lot of work gone into it - the story of Dinosaur Planet is a VERY LONG and RATHER COMPLICATED one and it took me three drafts to make sure everything was correct and in the right order, and then at least as many AGANE to make sure it made SENSE. As ever this was facilitated and overseen by the aforesaid Ink In My Red Correcting Pen, who I think now knows A LOT MORE about the 20+ year history of THE OPUS than anyone should rightly be expected to know!

Meanwhile there has been plenty of other activity, not least the agreement for a T-SHIRT design! We've had the design itself (created, like all the artwork, by Mr John Allison) for MONTHS but had never got around to sorting out the colour scheme. I sent the alternatives round and... well, everyone pretty much agreed on the same thing, which felt Oddly Disappointing, for some reason.

All CAST members are getting a t-shirt, and I thought it might be sensible to use them as a SAMPLE GROUP for sizes. I reckon if I order 2 or 3 times as many in each size as i need for the cast then that OUGHT to be ROUGHLY right, at least as a starting point for when they become available for pre-order (hopefully at the start of Novemebr). They're bloody lovely, I can't WAIT to show them off!

All this NEW PRODUCT means I'm going to need some SPACE, so after an exhaustive/exhausting STOCK TAKE I'm happy to annouce that we'll be having a MASSIVE "Here Come The Dinosaurs" SALE! Starting on Friday, when the next newsletter comes out, you'll be able to get some RIDICULOUS bargains, so stand by your inboxes at the end of the week for some SUPER THRIFT!

It's all terribly exciting - I was listening to the album on my MyPod this morning (the FINAL version which arrived last week from SNUG) and kept having to remind myself that this WAS the FINAL version, and that it's really really going to be OUT THERE very soon. Like I keep saying, i really REALLY can't wait to finally let people here it, I think it's going to be RATHER GOOD!

posted 26/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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Is 'the album on my MyPod' another metaphor or were you literally listening to the album?
posted 26/9/2011 by Tim Eveleigh

Sorry, yes, I was totally literally listening to the album - i confuse MYSELF with all that sometimes!
posted 27/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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