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Blog: Merchandise AHOY!

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The frenetic pace of pre-album activity continues to, if anything, HASTEN, here at Castle Validator today, as we move our sights onto even greater worlds of MERCHANDISING OPPORTUNITIES, with POSTCARDS!

Anyone who's ordered something from our online shop recently will probably have received one of the postcards I bought to use with Regardez, Ecoutez, Et Repetez... or, at least, HALF of one. They're lovely postcards but when they arrived I realised I'd made the tiniest teensiest (yet also most CLASSIC ROCK) of mistakes and ordered them at A5 size... when of course postcards are very much A6 i.e. half as big. This made them Not Much Good At All for their intended purpose of slipping comfortably into jiffy bags, and so I ended up usually having to cut them in two to FIT. That gave me twice as much stationary as I THORT i was getting, but wasn't really the intention!

That experience rather put me off postcards, but the artwork of Mr John Allison is SO gorgeous that it seemed a shame not to use it as much as humanly possible, and once I rediscovered how relatively INEXPENSIVE it is to get postcards are (especially when they're the RIGHT SIZE!) I we persuaded to head off down that route again, and so have designed some rather SMASHING ones which will be included with all orders for the new album.

The process of DESIGN VETTING by Validators has already begun, so I'm hoping to get those sent off for making by the end of the week. Meanwhile the sleevenotes have pretty much FINALLY finalised, with moderate tweaks in from everybody (I've said it before and I'll say it again, but GOOD LORD what a EXPERT TEAM The Vlads make in ANY situation - if ever we decide to use our mighty powers for EVIL, that is the day that THE UNIVERSE WILL QUAKE!) so all being well the master CDs will be off to the factory by THURSDAY. T-SHIRTS will be ordered NEXT week I think, and then all I'll need to do is sit back and wait for the MERCHANDISE to arrive!

Crikey, I do hope the clearance sale goes well - I'm going to need a LOT more space for all this stuff!

posted 27/9/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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